I’ve Got a Fever, and the Only Prescription is More Athletes

I must admit, I did get swept up in this year’s World Cup. What’s so wrong about cheering for the U.S. as if I actually understand what’s going on? So what if I hesitated each time before saying “score!” because I wasn’t sure if it was the correct terminology in soccer.

One thing’s for sure: even for someone who doesn’t quite understand sports (ahem, myself), it sure is fun watching those sexy men run up and down a field (court? stadium?). So here are my top reasons why athletes are a particular breed of mouth-watering man candy.

They sweat
Something about a guy getting all hot and steamy is just irresistible. Sure wouldn’t mind hitting the showers with them after the game… Okay, I’m getting carried away here, but seriously, it must be some kind of primal attraction that draws us to perspiration.

They show their badass side
When opposing team members get all up in each others’ space, penalties are called, yellow cards tossed out, a whole bunch of other sports jargon I don’t know, it is just plain exciting. Who doesn’t have just a little bit of a weakness for guys opposing authority and getting into trouble?

They have muscles
And lots of them. Especially in the abs region. Anyone want to join my organization to make all sports shirtless?

They are a package deal
Most spectator sports are played in teams. Teams mean hoards of attractive men in one place. A bunch of guys, even only somewhat good-looking guys, become instantly hotter when they are together. Simple as that.

They are successful
Alright, now I don’t mean this in a gold-digging, materialistic way, but an athlete’s celeb status really only adds to his appeal. We can’t deny our love for male celebrities, and athletes just take it a step further with their sporty skills.

They are passionate
You know if a guy is playing a sport professionally, he’s gotta be in love with the game. Just think of how devoted he could be to some lucky lady (namely, me). Knowing a guy is determined in one aspect of his life makes a gal confident he’s that hard-working in a relationship.

So keep ogling those athletes; it’s the most exciting part of watching a game anyway.

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