No One’s Studying Anymore, Study Says

For every hour a student is in class, he or she should be studying for two.  That’s what they say, but is that what you do?  The Huffington Post reports that students today are studying drastically less than their predecessors.  While you or I might roll our eyes and say, “Duh Mr. Scientist man, haven’t you heard of Facebook?” the brains behind this study insist that social media outlets are not to blame for our desire to slack off.  Well…then what gives?  After briefly scratching my head and doing a minimal amount of research, I’ve come to the following conclusions:

Uhhh, It’s Called the Internet
While this report insists that the Internet is not to blame for our poor study skills, I have to disagree.  It’s not so much that I think we’re all on Facebook (she says as she closes that tab), I just think that the process of cracking a book open has changed so dramatically since the good ol’ days.  No longer are we wasting time flipping through card catalogues and rummaging in the library stacks.  It’s a simple point and click world- from Wikipedia to the New York Times archives, we have everything at our fingertips.  I refuse to believe that that doesn’t expedite our cram time.

Housewives Marathon.  All. Weekend. Long.
Guys, admit it: reality TV is like crack cocaine even to an actual crack addict.  Give me a comfy sofa (hell, give me the floor) and six solid hours of Project Runway, Housewives, The Hills…even a really good infomercial has the capacity to grab my attention.  When given the choice between a ten-pound Chemistry book and P.Diddy hawking Proactiv, there simply is no choice.

Maybe We’re Just Smarter
Think about it.  How many times had you been on a plane before you were 22?  How many channels do you get on your television?  How many towns have you lived in?  Compare your numbers to those of your mother and grandmother, and I can almost guarantee you’ll have them beat.  It’s a simple fact that, for the most part, our generation is exposed to a greater variety of lifestyles, cultures, and people than our older relatives.  I’m a big believer that we all learn by osmosis.  I’m not talking about falling asleep with your American Lit notes under your head; I mean submersing yourself in the unfamiliar and achieving a greater understanding of the world through it.  Perhaps global concepts come easier to us because of all the diversity we’re exposed to on a regular basis.

The bottom line: time spent studying is not a measure of the amount accomplished.  I think that we’re a generation of hard workers who has been lucky enough to come around at a time when speedy laptops have replaced typewriters.  I mean, seriously, I’d hate to miss Dollar Beer Night because I was stuck in some musty library all night.  Am I right?

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When I Grow Up, I Want To Be Bethenny Frankel
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