Weekly Wrap Up: Halfway Through Summer

What the eff happened to summer and how are we already ending our second week of July? Just last week I was wearing my sombrero and making margaritas and now I’m ordering plane tickets to go back to school. Wasn’t it just yesterday I was joyously throwing all my used-up notebooks away and planning my summer reading list? Oh wait, no, that was 2 months ago!

I guess that whole “time flies when you’re having fun” thing really is true, because between the Justin Bieber concert and the 4th of July, this week flew on by. Let’s reflect:

– Remember that little kid from Sixth Sense? Or the boys from Boy Meets World? What the hell happened to them? We get the low-down on the cuties of the 90’s. Newsflash: they’re not such cuties anymore.

– Are you a Diet Coke fanatic? We are. Oh sweet nectar of the Gods.

– It seems like everyone has fallen in love with Bethenny Frankel from The Real Housewives of New York City. Yes, when we grow up, we all want to be Bethenny.

– Should you get implants? The Dude weighs in.

– Dating is tough, especially when you don’t want to come off as the clingy girl. So should you be channeling your inner G.I Joe? Helmets on, ladies.

– Trying to get by in the sweltering heat? CollegeCandy has the Dos and Don’ts for beating summer heat.

– When it comes to summer friends, there are 9 you should avoid at all costs, and 5 you NEED to keep around.

– Not sure if it’s time to take your friend home and put her to bed (with a bottle of water and a garbage can)? Here are 88 reasons why you should. Warning: it ain’t pretty.

– Summer = bikinis. Bikinis = Diet. Learn how to get off that weight loss plateau and lose weight the healthy way.

– The Boho looks back! Get 8 tips on how to look chic and relax for just under $20.

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Gossip Cheat Sheet: The Paparazzi Are Gonna Be Bored With Lilo Behind Bars…
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