Q&A With Craig R. From The Bachelorette

True story: after Craig R. got sent home on The Bachelorette two weeks ago, I was a slight mess. On the one hand, I felt so bad for the guy. He had to cover himself in olive oil and wrestle men in tight black pants on national television…and he still got the boot. And he looked so sad. So, so sad.

On the other hand, Ali didn’t want him, which meant he was single and ready to mingle….with me.

Once I regained my composure and put down the tub of hummus I may or may not have been crying into, I did what any normal person would do: I Facebook-stalked the sh*t out of the guy and tracked him down. I just needed to woo him talk to him, find out what went wrong and get the dirty deets on what goes on behind the scenes at The Bachelorette.

Fortunately, my FB skills paid off and I found him.
Unfortunately, he may or may not have already found a rebound lady.

CC: Had you watched The Bachelorette before coming on the show?  Was applying for a spot your idea or did someone apply for you?
Craig: I watched Ali’s season of The Bachelor because I had was told that the Bachelorette would most likely be one of the contestants from that season.  Applying for the show was actually my good friend’s idea.  He felt that I would be great for the show and he had complete confidence from the minute he submitted the application that I would ultimately be chosen.  I never expected to be chosen and it was a real surprise when I got the call!

CC: What is the application process like?
Craig: The application and interview process is somewhat rigorous, including a background check, numerous phone interviews, and a sit down interview with the producers.  The producers ask a variety of questions regarding dating history, family life, hobbies, ambitions, characteristics I am looking for in a girl, etc.  They really try to make sure that the guys that are chosen will be a good match for that season’s Bachelorette.

CC:Did you know Ali was going to be this year’s Bachelorette?
Craig: I did not know Ali was going to be the Bachelorette until after I agreed to be a contestant. However, I was rooting for her to be chosen as the Bachelorette as she was the girl I felt most compatible with from her season.

CC: Well, it’s a good thing that worked out for you. It would have been awkward if it was someone you didn’t like when you got out of the limo…. Anyways, onto the show. When you’re on the two-on-one dates, what does one guy do while Ali and the other guy are off talking?  Are there a lot of awkward alone-time moments on the dates?
Craig: I never had the opportunity to go on a two-on-one date.  During the group dates, when one guy gets pulled aside by Ali, the other guys usually sit around and talk, or we may do interviews (referred to as “In The Moments”).  There are very few awkward alone-time moments on dates.  For the most part, many of the guys had a lot of charisma and Ali is so easy to talk to that it was rare to find an awkward moment.

CC: To be completely honest, I never understood why you had such reservations about Justin/Rated Douche Bag. I mean, his brows were a little intense, but he seemed nice enough. What didn’t I see? How did you know from the beginning that he wasn’t there for the “right reasons”?
Craig: We just had a feeling that something was not right with Justin.  The first time I met him, he told me that he was in real estate and managed gyms at home in Toronto.  It was odd to me that he would lie about his profession the first time that he met me.  I had a rule when I got out there to never talk negatively about the other guys, but I just did not trust him from night one.  The bottom line is that part of being on a show like The Bachelorette is finding balance between getting to know Ali and finding out if you have a connection while also making friends with the guys who you live with and hang with the majority of the time. [And with Justin] my thoughts were that he was there to promote his wrestling career and did not really have any intentions of wanting to be with Ali.

CC: How tight is security in the mansion?  Is it reasonable to believe the guard would have allowed Justin to walk up to Ali’s place?
Craig: The mansion has a 24 hour security guard at the front of the driveway and is fenced in.  I am not sure how he got past the guard.   Justin was obviously very slick and was able to access a phone and sneak past the guard, but I am not sure how.

CC: Clearly this show is edited a LOT. What are some things that weren’t shown on TV that you think the audience should know?
Craig: The Weatherman sleeps with a blindfold (true story) and in Turkey while in our hotel, we created a game that we played on the dining room table.  The game was called “I Can’t Believe we Slid Butter” and it consisted of a shuffleboard like rule-set and us sliding little trays off butter down the table, and receiving a certain amount of points for the closer the tray landed to the end of the table without falling off.  Chris Harrison was a pro at this game and it was almost as if he had his own “Butter Table” back in LA.

CC: OK, enough about everyone else, let’s talk about you. Leading up to your elimination, it didn’t seem like you had much interaction with Ali. Was it really that limited, or was it all edited out?
Craig: Up until my elimination, I had the least amount of time and interaction with Ali than the other guys left. However, the time I had was more than you see on TV, but not much more.  I definitely made the most out of the little time I had with her, but it just wasn’t enough.

CC: Yeah, it was really hard to watch you go. We were totally rooting for you, especially after the whole “Kasey tattoo” joke. But them’s the breaks, I guess. What are you doing post-Bachelorette? Does it involve Olive Oil wrestling?  A new lady?
Craig: My olive oil wrestling career is right on track.  I realized my true calling on this show, and am so thankful to ABC for helping me find my true profession!  In all seriousness, I am back to practicing law at my firm and am happy to be back with my friends and family.  I really had a tough time being out of touch with them while on the show.
Dating life has been on the back burner since the show, however, in the last few weeks I have been paying more attention and am confident that the right girl will come along.  I may have already met her.

CC: What’s it like watching yourself spitting game and dating on TV? Would you ever consider being the next Bachelor?
Craig: I watched every episode so far this season, mostly with my friends and family.  It is definitely weird seeing myself on TV.  If offered the chance to be the next Bachelor, I would definitely consider it because I believe that the process can work, even with all that is going on with Jake and Vienna.  The opportunity to be the Bachelor would really be an honor.

CC: Who do you think Ali should choose in the end?  Why?
Craig: I really think that Ali is most compatible with Roberto and Chris L. After my elimination, I thought that Ty had a great shot and was really surprised to see him go last week.  She seems to have a real spark and connection with Roberto.  However, Chris L is a fun, quirky guy, and that is something that Ali is looking for.  It should be interesting to see who she chooses.

We at CollegeCandy are also rooting for Chris L.
Mostly because we want Kirk for ourselves.

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