College Q&A: Roommate Reservations

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I’m going to college in the fall and I’m rooming blind. I just got my roommate assignment in the mail and looked the girl up on Facebook. I know I shouldn’t judge someone from their Facebook page but she just doesn’t seem like someone I can get along with at all. Shes from a very different world than me (I’m from the south and she’s from L.A.), she definitely likes to party a lot (there are lots of drunk pictures) and we just don’t seem compatible at all. I’m getting really scared that its gonna suck so bad and I’m going to hate living with her. Should I try switching rooms? Is there anything I can do to make this better?

Party Girl
Have you ever heard the phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? Well, in our generation, it should read more like “Don’t judge a girl by her Facebook page.” Really. I can’t imagine what someone would think of me if they only had my Facebook page to go by (actually, I would guess the words “alcoholic” and “slut” might come up)… Do you want this girl judging you by the same standards?

I say go ahead with the room assignment. Give her at least three months and if by the end of that you can’t even tolerate her presence, then apply to switch. Who knows? This Cali girl could be your new best friend. Since it’s your first year at college, you’re going to change exponentially. You might not even be the same person in three months as you are now. It’s always good to hang around people different from you – it challenges your beliefs and encourages you to grow. And hey, it sounds like this girl is gonna be a good time, so at least you’ll never be bored!

Busy Bee
I completely understand where you are coming from. One of my housemates (thank god she wasn’t my ROOMmate) was a complete partier. She could be nice if she wanted to, but I ran into soooo many problems with her. For example, I’m the only one who lives on the first floor, so she used to come home drunk without the house key. Her solution? Banging on my window at 3 a.m. so that I could let her in. BOY would I be pissed! She finally stopped when I told her it wasn’t cool, but she was cold to me after that.

Anyway, what I am saying is that if you already have the mindset that you won’t get along, then you might not. If you can’t get out of the living situation, be sure to make some of the rules clear with her when you guys first move in – no guys sleeping over, no drunken parties, etc. Most of the time, people will respect your boundaries and you won’t have that many problems. On the other hand, she may not be the person she seems like and you guys could be BFFs. Just keep in mind that communication is key! Depending on what school you’re attending, you may have to tough it out for a while. If it gets really bad during the year, just talk to your RA and request a new roomie.

GPA Girl:
I think you got to the heart of the matter when you said “I know I shouldn’t judge someone from their Facebook page.” Having experienced all of high school and all of college already, I can tell you that the differences between the two were night and day and that it’s completely normal for someone to turn over a whole new leaf after starting college. I’m not guaranteeing that will happen with your roommate, but I think you’re jumping the gun by already stressing about her. At least talk to the girl on the phone before you freak out, and honestly, I’d advise not freaking out at all. The two of you will probably have so many different activities going on that you’ll barely see each other anyway. And roommate incompatibilities are as common as packets of Easy Mac are at college, so who’s to say you wouldn’t get assigned an even worse roomie if you tried to switch?

What I advise: First, relax. Take a few deep breaths. Next, talk to this girl WITH AN OPEN MIND. Finally, as circumstances develop, make the best of them. You two might become besties, and if not, look on the bright side. If she’s partying all the time, you’ll basically have a single!

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