From The CollegeCandy Inbox: The Hottest New Video Game

Here at CollegeCandy, we get a lot of interesting email. If it isn’t some African Prince offering us oodles of money (which, as it turns out, is a scam….I hate you, Prince Abnalla, if that’s even your real name!), or girls professing their undying love for us (thanks!), it’s weird companies trying to hawk their goods.

No joke, every morning when I wake up and check my email, I’m inundated with hundreds of messages that I quickly scan and purge. No sir, the CollegeCandy readers do not want to increase their penis size by 72 inches. DELETE.

But sometimes, like today, an email is too good to go to the virtual trash can. It is too good to be ignored. It is so good, it must be shared. Like this email I received this afternoon for a great new video game that is “just perfect for your readers”:

Crazy sex with beautiful women? Taking all kinds of drugs? Being a violent jerk?
Yup, sounds just perfect. In fact, I was hoping this wasn’t a description of a game at all, but rather a potential boyfriend.

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Intern Diaries: It’s (Intern) Party Time!
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