Intern Diaries: It’s (Intern) Party Time!

[For most college students, summer means one thing: an unpaid internship. We’ve been there and we feel your pain. Whether you’re making copies, making coffee runs, or just trying to make your mark on the industry of your dreams, it’s much easier to get through it all with a little help from your (CollegeCandy) friends. So come back every week to listen/sympathize with/vent with our anonymous intern as she does her thang at a big time magazine in New York City. Because, let’s be honest, what else do you have to do in that cubicle all day?]

Sometimes interning in a Big City is really exciting- the celebrity events, the high-profile bosses…even the extra-complicated coffee orders can be fascinating at first.  Other times, like last week, it was completely overwhelming.  Between the oppressive heat wave (hello triple digits) and feeling like something in my brain just wasn’t connecting, I was left in need of a night off to regroup and have some fun.

Trouble is, when you’re one in eight million, the process of finding a kindred soul to cry into your martini with can be daunting.  Of all those people, it’s impossible to narrow the field down to the ones who want to come together in commiseration over receiving little (to no) pay over performing the tasks few employees want to do.  Or so I thought.

Welcome to the age of Intern Parties.  A little bird slipped me the website’s link in an email and just like that I had plans for Friday.  Let me tell you, if you’re a novice to New York nightlife, as I clearly am, Intern Parties will save your social status by bringing interns together every night of the week in trendy New York City bars with zero cover.  Zero. Plus, drink discounts!

Needless to say, after work I ran to get a manicure…big splurge, I know…then it was a mad dash to my temporary home so I could get decked out.

Before you stare at me all agog wondering if I went to an intern meet-up alone, let me clear the air and say, yes, I absolutely did.  Please understand the situation I was in: my best skirt had ballpoint pen all over it from a note-taking session that went horribly wrong, my hair was a frizz ball from the humidity, and my pride was hurt from a boss unhappy with my photocopy skills.  I needed a cheap drink and a cute guy to flirt with me.  I didn’t care how I went about achieving these things.

I arrived at the bar at the same time as two other girls who interned together at an advertising firm.  They were completely friendly and we decided to stick together for the evening.  After all, I don’t mind going somewhere alone, but hell if I’m going to drink alone for three hours.  As the night wore on, the bar filled up with hundreds of interns from all across the city, leaving us all mixing and mingling in a haze of vodka and cheap beers.

Overall the night was a success and I left with a handful of new friends, which is no easy feat when you’re a lowly intern in the biggest city in the country. To all my fellow interns out there, drop me a line and maybe I’ll see you out at one of the Intern Parties.  This is an insider secret too good not to share.

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