8 Under $20: Etsy

Once upon a time, my great friend showed me a little website she knew and loved called Etsy.com. “It’s Betsy without the ‘B'” she said ever so kindly as I typed it into my browser. She did however, fail to tell me I was going to lose an average of 3 hours a day digging into the website and dumping my very shallow money truck into the virtual Etsy ‘shopping cart.’

Etsy.com is fashion crack. And I love it. It puts me in a happy place of inspiration and vintage goodies. Anybody can share and sell their vintage or homemade items on the site. And anybody can put the light out on their paycheck buy the vintage goods.  But sometimes it can be difficult to find that perfect item going for cheap.  Good thing CollegeCandy is here, because we’ve got proof that 8 Under $20 is so pleasantly possible on Etsy.com.

[Important Note]: Some of these items only have one in stock. So if you really fall in love, act fast and whip out that VISA. Otherwise, just go explore Etsy. It has many many beautiful vintage items to lust after.

I am double lusting over this intricately design vintage purse from India. It’s a modest price is only $11.50.  I knew elephants were lucky.

Awww, Etsy is so amazing. I just want to marry it. Anyway, this super girly lace tea skirt is so unique I want it in my closet right meow. It is perfectly casual for any event and would put the ‘innocently sweet’ message into any outfit. Oh, and it would look to-die-for with a pair of equally unique flats.

The gem selling this item also sells it in yellow and white.  The vintage hanky sleeves are adorable and sweet. This simplistic top would look glorious with a pair of skinny jeans and a Popsicle (just don’t drip on the shirt, please).

This beautiful silk scarf would splash a world of color onto any simple outfit. I’m loving the cool blue color and free-bird tie dye. Perfect for a summer night.

This glorious balloon skirt would look great with a white tee and leather jacket. It’s flirty and versatile and looks way heftier a prize than $19.90.  To top it off, it is a unique design and looks like something that would come straight off the Urban Outfitters rack.

I may have worn KEDS when I was 12, but since I purchased a romper today I decided it would be tangible to take another prance down memory lane. Besides, these flowery red and white ones are cute ya’ll (yep, they come with a southern accent). Anyway, at only $8.50 who could pass these up? They would be cute with anything denim.

I’m crushing over these pale blue mini-rose earrings.  They are like a packet of Splenda on any outfit.  From jeans and a white tee to any flirty sundress, these earrings would sweeten up every look.

This vintage polo beach bag is perfect for a summer afternoon. It’s nautical, it’s casual and the rope handles and leather strap grip are so Hampton beach party, I’m dying to have it as my own.

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