From PopEater: Lawyer Shares What He Thinks of Lindsay Lohan’s Situation

Although Lindsay Lohan met with lawyer Stuart V. Goldberg after Shawn Chapman Holley resigned as the starlet’s counsel, he has declined to take on Lohan’s case, PEOPLE reports.

Goldberg met with Lindsay, her mother Dina and her sister Ali for six hours after flying to Los Angeles at the ‘Mean Girls’ star’s request. “My impression of Lindsay is that she’s a fragile lost child – a sleeping beauty with her head in the sand. I found her not fully forewarned of the consequence of her actions,” Goldberg told PEOPLE.

“I’m concerned that she’s not disciplined or tethered enough to the reality of adult consequences,” he adds. “She doesn’t seem to have the awareness of what’s going to befall her.”

What else did he have to say? Read the rest right here.

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