I Love Your Style: Emma Watson

Who or what inspires your style? Many of us use celebrities (like Sarah Silverman) or movie characters (like Lux Lisbon) as style inspiration even though, most of the time, they are being dressed from head to toe by the best stylists. Which we don’t have. And sometimes it’s damn near impossible to work their Hollywood looks into our not-so-Hollywood lives. I’ve made it my mission to tap into the mind of a fashion stylist and show you how to take your style inspiration – whatever it may be – and make it more you!

Emma Watson isn’t just that charming Brit that plays that one chick in that Harry Potter flick.  She’s grown before our eyes from the awkward 11-year-old Hermione to the classy, well-mannered face of Burberry with a personal style that, thankfully, doesn’t resemble anything you’d see in the halls of Hogwarts.

Emma didn’t always have that prep-school drop-out look she’s known for now.  In some older pictures during the early 2000’s, she dressed like any average 11-year-old – a little but awkward and unsure, but still a little experimental.  But as time went on, she experimented more and more, discovering what worked and what she liked and what expressed her (not Hermione’s) personality best.

And, like magic, she succeeded and has become a force to be reckoned with, both while walking the red carpet and walking to class.  Emma Watson’s style is classy and refined, with the occasional edgy rocker moments thrown in.

I love Emma’s style because it evolved.  She tried out trends, pushed the envelope and made some mistakes. It took some time but, as we have all seen, it most definitely paid off. Today designers are courting her, photographers are hounding her and college girls from the Midwest are trying to pull together outfits to look just like her.

Socks, Bag, Boots, Shorts, Corset

Chiggity-check out this outfit because I’m officially in love.  A printed corset top with some mid-length cuffed shorts are perfect for summer and, with a simple swap of accessories, can be worn for practically any occasion. (Flats for a Saturday afternoon, strappy pumps for a Saturday night…) But the best part about this outfit are on her legs peeking out from over the top of those boots.

“Socks and rubber boots in the summer?” you ask.  Yeah, I thought that was a joke, too.  But for some reason I think I’d still sacrifice, even if there’s the  potential for major sweatiness, because it looks pretty cool (well, not LITERALLY). I don’t know how or why, but the shorts and boots combo just works. And then the studded bag with the fringe adds a little unexpected edge, which keeps this from looking too “Summer sweet” and is Emma’s fashion signature.

Flaunt this style like Emma and pretty soon you’ll have people everywhere casting some spells on their own wardrobe, too! Sorry, I had to do it.

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