Summer Job Got You Down? We’ve Got 7 Easy Ways to Lift Those Spirits!

Even though summer should be all about relaxing and enjoying the sun, many of us are so busy with our own internships and work that we often forget to take care of ourselves. And even when we do, pampering on a budget seems almost impossible. (Um, hello $65, one-time facial). Pretty soon we’re pasty, tired and moody to boot.

But what’s an over-worked, underpaid and grumpy girl to do (besides wallow in self-pity and take out her frustration on her poor parents)?

Have no fear. The ladies here at CollegeCandy know how you feel (because we’re feeling it right now) and we want to share our tried and true pick-me-up tricks that won’t burn a hole in that pretty wallet of yours. It’s summer time and you deserve a little love.

Dive in, pamper yourself and thank us later:

Jump into a hot bubble bath.
Since it’s nearly impossible to get a good bubble bath in in college (like you’re gonna lay down in that nasty tub), we often forget what a good bubble bath can do for a girl. It’s luxurious and relaxing, and it won’t cost you a dime. Toss a little Epsom salt in there, light up some candles, turn off the cell phone and turn up the Guster, and you’ve got the whole afternoon to unwind.

Turn off the cell phone and prop open a book.
Yes, the mere thought of going off the cellphone grid for an hour may leave you shaking, but sometimes you just gotta disconnect. And there’s no better way to do that than with a book.  Reading a book will give your mind a rest, free from all that mundane work and life stuff that bogs you down daily. Need a book suggestion? We’ve got plenty.

Go for a stroll at the park
Working in an office all day will put a damper on anybody’s spirits. And what will lift that haze? A little time outdoors. Put on your cutest sundress and hat and step your cute wedges out the door. Nothing will calm you down more than nature, and, let’s be honest, a little Vitamin D never hurt anybody.

Dress up and look great, for no reason!
I do this anytime I’m feeling down. I hop into my closet, grab my favorite dress and go about my day. Who cares if I’m just going to Starbucks to drink coffee and stare at the cute boys studying for the LSAT? Dressing up makes me feel confident and sexy – two things that will make anyone feel good.

There’s something to be said about digging into an ice cream sundae/Sonic Blast/DQ Blizzard. Somehow those little cups of goodness make everything else melt away. Should you make this a daily habit? Not unless you want to add cellulite-stress to the list of things you’re already worrying about. But giving in and treating yourself once in awhile will do wonders to your mood.

Get a manicure ($12 or less!)
This is honestly my go-to whenever I’m feeling less than stellar. No matter what I do, getting a manicure is the cherry on top. It’s the easiest way to feel a little more fabulous, a little more posh, and that massage chair will run even Mel Gibson’s bad mood right outta town.

Get a tan
I don’t know what it is, but a sun-kissed glow is like Red Bull for your mood. You feel fresher, more vibrant and more beautiful than ever. Grab your iPod and some magazines, slather on the SPF (let’s do this safely, ladies!) and give yourself a few hours in the sun. Hell, even a spray tan will do the trick and leave you feeling fabulous about yourself.

Got anymore tips on giving yourself a little love? Share them below!

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