The Know: Maroon 5 is Back, Baby

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Since the days of  “Harder to Breathe,” I’ve been a fan of Maroon Five. A huge fan.  So huge a fan, in fact, that in middle school I would belt out the lyrics to “This Love” in my Catholic school hallway.  I like to think I was the trendsetter in middle school, who started singing the risqué lyrics (I really had no idea what they meant) and drooling over the ever-so-fine Adam Levine first.  In reality, I was just another teenybopper mesmerized by the new band with the lustful front man.

Today, I’m still drooling over Adam Levine and dreaming that my childhood fantasy will come true and Adam will sing “This Love” to me on a bearskin rug in front of a roaring fire.

Ha, only in my dreams, right?
Not anymore!

Well, maybe the whole bearskin rug thing…

In case you haven’t heard, Maroon 5 announced a summer tour that will be hitting 35 cities across the USA and Canada. Luckily, Maroon 5 was thinking of their #1 fan and scheduled a tour date not too far from home, so you’ll find me there, wrestling in the ticket line to get my seat, front and center. Maybe my dream will come true?

Alright, a girl can dream…

If you can’t make it to their summer concerts, Maroon 5 is also releasing a new album September 21st featuring my new favorite song, “Misery.”  Seriously, give that a listen and tell me you’re not falling back in love.

These guys never disappoint and now that they’re older, wiser, and more brooding than ever (OMG that facial hair) things are only getting better. So check ‘em out.

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