Budget Stylista: The Best Pants of All Time

I’m a pretty big fan of the slouchy/relaxed pants.
Pants with elastic waistbands considered trendy? Why on EARTH would any of us ever complain? We can now wear pants that hide how much pizza we’ve actually eaten, we won’t have to unbutton them under the table and people (mainly girls) will tell us we look cute.

Sign. Me. Up.

And the best part is – anything goes. Throw them on with a lose tee and some flats, or pair them with a fitted top and heels and you can rock these day or night. Comfort, style AND room for late night eating? I’m a big, big fan. Like huge.

Here are two cute pairs that are great for day and night, and can take you right into fall.

Black Slouchies:
I love the comfort and ease of these pants. It’s like leggings on the bottom but roomy in your badonk a donk so it’s appropriate to wear with a shorter shirt than you would be able to pull off with leggings. No need to worry about people being ready for your jelly because your bootylicious bod, whilst being shown off, isn’t screaming “I should only wear this to the gym.” I’m talking to you, leggings and crop top girl. For realz.

We tend to go a bit more relaxed and laid back when the sun is up so I paired the pants with flat woven sandals and a looser top. I chose one withe a little spunk, but you could even throw a beater on, top with a statement necklace and be on your way.

Product Information: Pants – Lulus.com, $34; Top – Forever 21, $24.80; Sandals – Forever 21, $18.80; Earrings – Lulus.com, $15.

For something a little sexier, tuck this purple top in and the puffy sleeves will balance out your waist.

Product Information: Pants – Lulus.com, $34; Top – Express, $29.90; Pumps – Forever 21, $24.80

Green Slouchies
Yes, I’ve given these pants the nickname “slouchies” and I’m loving the army green.

I paired with a white tee and these adorable fabric green sandals from the Gap (but feel free to pair with any neutral flat – sandal, keds or Toms). And look at those bangles! I love how funk and sorta tribal they are, and how easily they take this outfit to a whole new level.

Product Information: Pants – Urban Outfitters, $54; Tee – Gap, $19.50; Sandal – Gap, $24.99; Bangles – Lulus.com, $19

I’m loving the feminine top tucked into a more masculine bottom. Throw on with some sky high heels and off you go. Oh, and just a sidenote: the second best part about these cropped pants (besides the whole “loose on top” element) is that for once, people will actually see your shoes so now’s the time to go for the details!

Product Information: Pants – Urban Outfitters, $54; Top – Lulus.com, $29; Pump – Forever 21, $24.80

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