Single. Though Someday, Maybe Not

Is he your Someday Guy?

Today I got a phone call that made my day. You know those amazing friends you have, the ones where no matter what happens or how long you go without talking, it is still amazing to hear from them and it seems like no time has passed? Well, while entertaining a friend who is in town for the weekend, I was navigating the streets of Chicago in a borrowed car, swerving through construction, SOO thrilled to see my friend that I could barely focus on the roads, and also trying to find the quickest route to Molly’s Cupcakes (you know that was a necessary first stop!).

In the middle of all this chaos, my phone blared some Lady Gaga (really need to change that ring tone, it keeps scaring me…) and I hit to ignore it, but when I saw the name on the screen, I just couldn’t. It was one of my best guy friends from high school, we’ll call him Charlie. We usually stay in really good touch, but I hadn’t talked to him in more than a month. I was so thrilled to hear from him that I ignored the Illinois laws against driving while talking on the phone to take his call.

I only talked to Charlie for a minute, just long enough for him to talk me into going home to visit him, but when I hung up with him, apologizing to Liz, she just smiled at me with this knowing smirk that only old friends can have.

“So… Who was that?”

I explained to her how Charlie and I had been co-presidents of a club together, great friends, just really similar ambitions with what we want to do with our lives, blah, blah, blah. I went on about how Charlie and I had never dated and how he had a crush on me for a year, but I was always dating someone else. But when I was explaining this to Liz, who has never met him, she just laughed and said, “Oh, you haven’t dated him yet, but someday you will.”

While I laughed at the certainty of her reaction, I was trying to place why her words sounded familiar. I realized that a re-run of Cougar Town (If you haven’t seen that hilarious show yet, it NOW)  had talked intensively about the idea of a ‘someday person’ – that person that you have a special relationship with now and whom someday you could see yourself being with when the circumstances line up right. The show dealt with it all in typical sitcom fashion, but the more that Liz and I talked about the idea of a ‘someday guy’ (over a few cookie dough-filled cupcakes, of course), the more I came to like the idea.

After a hard week for this single girl last week, with the flashbacks to my own rough break up, it’s good to have a vague hope that while things might not be swinging my way right now, someday they will. And maybe when that day comes, it will be with someone I already know and love. Maybe now isn’t my time. Maybe I’m not ready for something serious at the moment. Maybe this is fate’s way of telling me there are more important things for me to focus on right now. Just knowing that there’s more coming my way down the road makes me feel a little more optimistic about it all. (Though that could just be the sugar talking…)

Sometimes, single at nineteen, I feel so jaded about men as a whole. But I don’t want to be so cynical. I’m young, I have great friends and life is really good for me. I know it sounds crazy, but thinking of my Someday Guy puts me at ease and gives me a chance to focus on all the good stuff instead of constantly focusing on finding my Right Now Guy.

So this week’s single girl’s toast goes out to Charlie, and all of those someday guys everywhere. May we find each other soon, when the timing is right. But until then, let’s just enjoy what we’ve got, K?

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