The 200+ Reasons Women Have Sex…and The 3 Reasons Men Do

I could write a saga longer than the Twilight series about what sex means to a woman and why they have it.  Women will have sex to strike an extra intense emotional connection with someone else, boost their appeal in popularity, fulfill a fantasy, become physically and mentally closer to the one they love, gain revenge, because Cosmo say’s it is an easy way to beat off calories, or because a night out with their single lady friends made them feel like they needed to have more fun.

To make a long story long, sex to a woman means a plethora of complex things.  Sex is a loaded gun containing bullets of feelings, emotions, and meaning (even I’m getting a little poetic talking about it).

Sex for the dudes on the other hand?

It’s really just a three letter word.

According to a recent Men’s Health article, researchers revealed more than 200 reasons women do the nasty.  (e.g. the opportunity presented itself, the other person had a nice face, out of control hormones were in tact).  Hmm, seems pretty like obvious enough reasons to me.  But 200 reasons to get frisky? I doubt that’s the case for men. In fact, when it comes to dudes, I’m certain there are only 3.

1. They’re Guys

I’m a man-psychic. We all are. Because I’m willing to bet you could predict what current thought is churning any man’s mind: sex. As mentioned before, sex means so many things for woman. For men? Doggie style is as natural as breathing.  I’m not trying to put a derogatory light over men and their intentions, but I have strong beliefs that thoughts of sexual activity are multiplying in their mind like bunny rabbits. 24/7.

You’re right, that is a lot of thinking.

2. They Want to Tell Their Friends

I knew a group of guys in college who actually added up points each weekend after heavily drinking. Their point system went like this: they gave a certain amount of tallies to a roommate who scored a make-out sesh and even more tallies to anyone who romped it up in bed.  It’s true. I saw the whiteboard.  As much as our male-counterpart is not going to get into details about how “soft her skin felt and how sweet her lips tasted…” like all the fluffy girls do, a little notch in his belt (and a great story to go with it) is the ultimate trophy in his circle of bros.

3. They’re Horndogs

While girls keep their toy dog in their purse, men keep their toy dog in their pants (if you catch my drift here) and they’ll follow that little puppy anywhere. It’s that simple.

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