And In Other Weird News

An English house cat has taken to breaking into neighbor’s homes and stealing children’s underwear.  Michelle Duggar better keep that cat out of her hamper if she wants to hang onto her Mother of the Year Award.  Yeah, apparently some people think having nineteen kids is something to which we should all aspire. (I, however, can’t help but think about what her lady parts look like now….) Just make sure your hubby wants to stick around and change all those diapers.  Scientists released a new test that can predict the success rate of your relationship.

Also, the recent collapse of a dam in China may have fast-tracked the creation of a Water World inspired resort.  Might be cool, but it makes me think of the scene in Kevin Costner’s movie (of the same name) where he drinks his own pee.  Over at German Fashion Week bald, bearded models were the most compelling trend.  One artist was inspired to try the look herself, saying the facial hair actually enhanced her sense of femininity.


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