From CollegeFashion: Wear a Classic White Shirt in a New Way

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Everyone has (or should have) a basic white button-down shirt. This item is the ultimate chameleon piece–it can be worn with almost anything in your closet, from dress pants to jeans to any kind of skirt.

Although there are dozens of ways to wear a white button-down shirt, many people (me, especially!) get stuck in the habit of wearing it in conventional ways–tucked in to a pencil skirt or trousers, or untucked with a pair or jeans. This week’s Fashion Challenge encourages you to take your trusty white button down and wear it in a completely new way! Are you ready to take on this week’s challenge??

Get Your Creativity Flowing
Here are some tips to get you started on this challenge.

1. First, pull some items from your closet that you usually would never wear a white button down shirt with–dresses, shorts, leggings, another blouse, a t-shirt, maxi skirts, a fancy cocktail dress, even yoga pants!

2. Try each item or combination of items on with your white button down. Even if you have the feeling a combination might look atrocious, try it anyway–you never know what will inspire you!

3. Play around in front of a mirror, adjust the shirt, and see what you come up with. Try rolling the sleeves, buttoning, unbuttoning, or tying the bottoms in a knot in the front or the back. Try your white button down on top of or underneath different tops. Try it tucked in and untucked.

4. Whip out your favorite accessories and experiment! Try belting your white button down, cinching extra fabric with a brooch or clip, pinning it to drape a certain way, tying a light scarf into a sash, or stacking on an unexpected combination of jewelry.

5. Take note of the combinations that worked best. Modify these looks slightly to adapt them to other items in your closet. If it helps, write down or take pictures of your new creations so you don’t forget!

Now it’s time for some inspiration. Get three awesome outfit ideas by clicking right here!

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