One Month Challenge: Giving up Gossiping, Week 3

[Everyone’s got a vice, a bad habit, something they know they need to change. Unfortunately, everyone also has a million excuses why they just can’t do it. Not anymore. Every month we will be following a different CollegeCandy writer as she takes on a personal challenge. This month we’re following Christie on her quest to stop gossiping. The first few days were rough. The 2nd week was full of excuses. Let’s see how she’s holding up sans gossip now.]

This week had both its highs and its lows. This past Saturday I decided at midnight to pack up and leave the next morning at 8 am for a 6 hour road trip to visit not only my boyfriend but my best friend, who lives in the same town as his co-op. I haven’t seen my boyfriend in six weeks, and I haven’t seen my best friend from college in about two months so I was looking forward to really catching up on all the things I had missed.

There was only one problem: I can’t gossip.

Too bad that slipped my mind as soon as my best friend asked about certain things I had vaguely mentioned on Facebook or in texts, promising to tell her about later. And I got so excited about being with her that I told her all about the drama in my life…and all the people involved in it… before I remembered my monthly challenge. Then I felt really, really guilty. The next day I kept things positive, and tried to catch myself before saying anything remotely close to gossip. For the most part, I succeeded – well, except for one time – and I’m really proud that I could stop gossiping with my best friend, especially one I haven’t seen in two months.

Best friends are the hardest not to gossip with, and so are boyfriends. For the most part they are the ones I usually vent to or tell the juiciest gossip I know. Face to face with them, I wanted to fall into that comfort zone, but I realized this week that without gossip there is so much more you can talk about.

So no, I didn’t talk about really anyone this week. Even when I told my best friend about the drama that occurred last month, it was mostly about me. I didn’t really say much about the other people involved. I lost a best friend of five years last month, and so it was a big challenge to not say anything negative about her. My face said it all though, and I didn’t say anything positive about her either, which is part of the challenge that I presented this month. Therefore, I am going to say that I didn’t stick to my goal as much as I should have.

When something like what happened to me comes up, it’s really difficult to stay positive. I am proud that I didn’t say anything negative about her though; that really shows improvement. Also, after telling all the facts to my best friend from college I changed the subject immediately. That means I am trying to stick to my goal, no matter how hard it maybe.

This is definitely a one-month challenge, but I’m over halfway done and learning more each day. Let’s see if I can have zero slip-ups next week!

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And In Other Weird News
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