Bedeck, Bedazzle, Bejewel

When it comes to beauty, if you’re gonna splurge you better make sure it’s worth it. Like these luxe eyeliners, for instance.  They are a step (or five) up from drugstore brands, but guarantee that elusive Wow! factor.  Or why not go for an all out luxury binge?  Chanel’s fall beauty collection is beyond amazing – just check out that nail polish!

For equally fabulous nails on a real-girl budget, look no further than Essie’s new line, inspired by Morticia Addams.  The creatively named colors- Bone Chilling White, Blood Curdling Red, and Midnight Tango- will make your friends green with envy.  Also, the ever-budget-friendly MAC has teamed up with Disney to create Venomous Villains, their newest assortment of gotta-have it makeup.  Starting at $12, these cute compacts are irresistible.

And when you’re ready to end your day in comfort, look no further than compact and foldable footwear that can fit in the tiniest of handbags.  Who says comfy can’t be glamorous?

Intro to Cooking: Too Hot to Cook!
Intro to Cooking: Too Hot to Cook!
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