Ring Ring: Your Orgasm’s Calling

Are you currently suffering in a long distance relationship?  Feeling lonely with all those miles between you and your hot, sexy boyfriend?  The LDR can be a tough thing.  Boy do we know it! Spending nights alone in a big empty bed, laughing by yourself at How I Met Your Mother reruns…don’t even get me started on solo brunch!  And then there’s sex.  Or more accurately, there isn’t sex.

What to do when your favorite regular workout ceases to exist?  Take it to the phone, of course. If you’re not quite sure how to get the ball rolling, don’t worry.  Our besties Em and Lo have got your back with ten easy steps to achieving long distance bliss.  The most important thing to remember is just to relax and don’t be afraid to let the dirty talk run rampant.  This is the person you’re dating, after all.  Some people even say that exploring the world of phone sex puts you on the fast track to having better actual sex.

Hmmm… <Looks at phone and wonders who she can call.>

But if you still don’t think you’re up to doing the deed via cell, throw your boyfriend a consolation prize.  We hear phone sex operators are just great!

Single. Though Someday, Maybe Not
Single. Though Someday, Maybe Not
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