The Weekly Ten: Worst Roomie Antics

#7: Slob-ka-bob

Okay, so here at CollegeCandy we are all about rewarding good roommate behavior. But this little contest got me thinking about all the problematic things that roommates do.

I know I’m not 100% perfect as a roommate, and I’ve been guilty of being a hot mess roommate (Sarah, if you’re reading this, I’m still sorry I never filled the ice cube trays. Or scrubbed the bathroom like you did!) as well. But come on, there are just some unforgivable awful roommates. Let’s count ’em down, and share your worst roommate (or how you’re not exactly worthy of a hot TJ Maxx room) stories in the comments.

10. Sorority of One
Okay, so we all know that “no man is an island,” but no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to get this girl to have a social life. Friday night? Time to play computer games. Saturday night? In bed by 8:00. This roommate just does not want to have fun, socialize or involve herself in any curricular activities. Even worse, she just plain never leaves your dorm/apartment. Ugh!

9. The ghost
Sometimes a blessing, the ghost is never in the apartment. Sure, she pays rent, the cable and electric bills but you would never even know she’s a resident. As for her whereabouts, who knows where she is? She doesn’t divulge details and is a completely MIA roomie.

8. Her-and-her-boyfriend
You thought you were living with just one girl, but then her boy toy starting staying. One night. Then two. Then every damn night of the week. He invades your shower time, drinks your milk, doesn’t pay rent and wastes space. Final straw? When he sets up his Xbox in the living room. Wtf!

7. Slob-ka-bob
This girl is a hot mess. And I don’t mean the fun Lindsay Lohan kind. I’m talking dirty dishes and clothes everywhere. There’s no way you can walk through the apartment without tripping over something she’s left in the middle of the floor and you’re pretty sure she hasn’t emptied her garbage in months. Not to mention, she’s always “busy” on chore day and can’t be bothered to sweep, vacuum, scrub or wash anything. Ever. Gross.

6. Obsessively Clean Chick
On the flip side of the slob-ka-bob you have the psychotic neat freak. You put your glass of juice down on a coaster and go to the bathroom? Come back and it’s already sparkling clean and put away. Accidentally leave your keys on the counter? They’re hung up on the labeled key rack within moments. Sure, this seems great at first, but then when your roommate accuses you of being a slob-kabob just because you left the Cheezits box out ONE time after a night of hard partying, it starts to get annoying. Chill out, chica.

5. The Snoozer
Does this girl even take classes? She sleeps at all hours of the day and never seems to go anywhere other than her bed. She can barely push through 3 hours of the day without needing a nap.

4. The Red Light District Diva
Different guy every night. From the bar-randos to her consistent hookups, rarely will a weekend pass without some dude in bed with this girl. Not a big deal, right? Try sharing a bunk bed with a girl who gets more action than Vinny Chase. Ew.

3. The Hamburgular
She eats your food, drinks your Svedka, ‘borrows” your clothes and never replaces anything. Ever. When accused, she’ll make you feel like the crazy one. Don’t be fooled, those brand new Seven jeans just don’t “disappear.”

2. The Substance Abuser
It is one thing to drink on the weekends. It’s another to come home on a Tuesday night, drunk as a skunk and trying to keep partying. Not to mention, try living with a roomie who’s down with drugs. 24/7. And not just the “light” stuff. Do you really want a dealer in your living room at 3 AM? Lose this roomie nightmare immediately.

1. That Roommate
That roommate embodies all the above and so much more. We’ve all had them, fought with them, held their hair back when they vomited, bought food for two, housed their boyfriends, lived like it was the real life “Requiem for a Dream,” moved out, and swore we’d never live with someone like them again.

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