Vote for the Best Roommate To Win A Room Makeover!

It’s time, ladies and gents.

We gave you a week to tell us what makes you the best roommate and, adorably enough, many of you submitted stories on what makes your roommate the best. Awwww.

Our hearts melted, we got a little jealous (our current roommate is on Ambien and eats our food in the middle of the night….) and now it’s time to exercise our rights and vote for the best roommate of all time. Below are the top 6 entries (as voted by us at CollegeCandy HQ). Read ’em, then scroll down and vote for who YOU think is most deserving of the total room makeover from TJ Maxx and Marshalls.


1. Voting ends at 5pm EDT on Wednesday, July 21st.

2. That means that you have until then to get your peeps to hop on over here and vote for you! (Click here to give your friends a little nudge….)

3. You can only vote once, so no cheating!

4. We’re awarding prizes to the top three vote-getters. The top dawg gets the big makeover, but 2nd and 3rd place each get a $50 gift card to TJ Maxx/Marshalls to help outfit their new rooms!

The stories:

Leah: I would like to nominate MY roommate, who also happens to be my best friend. I have premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) really bad, and of course I got my period when were were on spring break in Florida. While I was overheated, throwing up, almost passed out, and sweating buckets lying on the floor of the handicap stall in the Ron Jon Surf Shop ladies’ room, she was sitting right next to me. She got me water, food, and a towel to lay down on. She didn’t even try to tell me how gross the bathroom floor was (but the second I got better, I realized… ew). She sat with me as I took the nap necessary to cool down, while I repeated what a good friend she is. She never gave me a hard time or even mentioned it again. She is really the best roommate ever.

Marissa: I go to UC Irvine and though I really don’t want to sound full of myself by saying I’m the best roommate ever, there was something I did for one of my roommates recently that I was pretty excited about. Her birthday was one day after we left school for summer break and, with having to cram for finals the previous week, we didn’t really have a chance to celebrate. Luckily our hometowns are only 20 minutes away and she needed to stop by my place a few days later to pick up something. Before finals, we were watching a cake show on Food Network and she mentioned she’d love a cake that looked like the ones on TV. So when I got home, I decided to make her a birthday cake like the ones we saw that night to make up not celebrating her day (plus she has an insane sweet tooth, so anything chocolate related I knew she would love!). Since she is absolutely in love with the Twilight Saga, I decided to use it as a theme to design the cake. I hadn’t made anything like this cake before, so I taught myself how to make fondant and decorated the cake to encompass every book in the series. Using pieces of fondant, I decorated the cake like a chessboard, with the eclipse ribbon as a border, and added handmade cake toppers of the twilight apple, the new moon tulip, and the breaking dawn chess pieces. I also added a personal touch by adding her lucky number on top. When I finally showed her the finished product, she was in complete awe. She was so happy, she literally gave me a 5-minute hug and could not get over how cool it looked. Just seeing her that excited over it absolutely made my day.

Melissa: I don’t know about myself, but my roommate SYDNEY HURT was absolutely the best roommate a girl could have. Everything you wish your roommate would do, she did intuitively. When I was homesick or broken up over my long distance relationship, she was there not only to talk, but to MAKE me talk about things. She always knew when something was wrong-when I needed someone to talk to, when I needed to get out and have some fun, and when I just needed space to cool down. She was always honest, but also nonjudgemental and understanding.
When I forgot things for class in the room, she would wake up 3 HOURS BEFORE HER FIRST CLASS of the day, get dressed, and bring me whatever I had forgotten. No complaints, just an understanding that I owed her. Once, I had to wake up to leave for a trip at 3 in the morning. I had a huge research paper (worth 20% of my grade) due the same day and hadn’t finished it until almost 1AM, so I didn’t have a chance to turn it in early. The professor was a real bitch, so she wouldn’t let me submit it electronically or anything. Sydney delivered it to her for me before the due date of 8AM even though she didn’t have to be awake until that afternoon and had a horrible personal history with this particular professor.

When my car stalled out in the middle of nowhere, she was there to come jump me off, even though she barely had money for gas for her own car. One weekend the weather (practically a monsoon with tornados!!) kept me from going home, and I was really upset about missing the chance to see my boyfriend. When I got back to the room after a LONG day of class, I found my favorite dish from our favorite Chinese place sitting on my bed. Sydney had braved life and limb just to cheer me up. What more could a girl ask for in a roommate? Honestly. By the end of our time as roommates, we were more like sisters. We had movie nights, studied together, worked out together, and talked about everything. Without her, my first year at school would have been miserable. I love her like family!

Jessie: I want to nominate my roommate Megan Hutcheson, not myself, because she is so deserving of this after what she did for me. In February of this year, I woke up one morning fairly early and she heard me. She could tell I was not okay, and asked if she could help. At that point, I didn’t know what was wrong, so I just told her my abdomen hurt, but I was going to try and go back to sleep. She got up about an hour later to go to work and told me that if I needed anything, to just give her a call or email her. At 10 am I couldn’t take the pain anymore and realized I needed to go to the hospital. I emailed Megan to tell her I was going to the hospital. She called me back telling me she was running out of work and coming to get me. She drove me to the ER in a snow storm! When we got to the ER, the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me, so while I was undergoing tests, Megan was keeping my parents updated and figuring out when and how my mom could get into town. Later that afternoon, my mom was able to get a flight into town and got to the hospital around 4:30. Megan sat with me throughout the entire day, helping me keep my mind off of everything that was going on. When my mom got to the hospital, Megan told her she was staying with me until they figured out what was wrong. Around 5, the doctors decided that they were going to do surgery, having suspicions that it was appendicitis. Megan stayed with my mom and I until I went into surgery at 7pm. She sat and waited with my mom until I got out of surgery at 8:15 and the surgeon came out to talk to them. I wound up having an appendectomy. After sitting in the hospital with my mom and I, Megan finally went home 10 hours later, knowing I was okay.

Throughout the next couple of days, Megan visited me, and constantly texted me making sure I was okay. When I was able to come back to school, Megan was constantly by my side, always helping me lift my books, carrying my things, helping me get to class, and driving me to appointments. I cannot thank her enough for everything she did for me throughout that time. She is truly the best friend and roommate a girl could as for!

Haley: Picture this: Relaxing evening. Writing papers. Order pizza because it’s too cold to go outside. Said goodnight to my roommate and she went off to her boyfriend’s place.

An hour later: Stomach feels funny.
Few hours later: Wake up, run to bathroom.
Few hours later: Run for bathroom to throw up from food poisoning. Don’t make it to bathroom. Crawl back to bed.
Half hour later(6am): Call roommate in tears, asking for gatorade.
Few minutes later: Roommate and her boyfriend arrive with gatorade, pepto, yogurt, soup, saltines, a new thermometer and cleaning products. They clean up both the room and me. They refuse any repayment for anything even though they spent over $40.
All Day for Two Days: Roommate and her boyfriend take shifts making sure I’m alright, bringing more Gatorade, calling my Mom to update her.
Middle of the Night on 2nd night: Roommate and her boyfriend spend three hours on the phone calling hospitals because can’t move and fever spikes. They arrange for parents of other friends to drive me to said hospital because I refuse to pay for an ambulance. They even call my mom to get her final opinion before allowing me to give it until student health opens. They put up with my whining and agree to let me wait it out.

Simply put, Laura is the best freaking roommate in the entire world. She puts up with me leaving the light on, singing all of the time and making YouTubes in our room. We go to different ethnic supermarkets and try the most random thing that we can find (a warning against dried jellyfish on a stick..), comes to my folk music concerts with a smile, spent three hours with flashlights in the dark trying to find my great-aunt’s necklace that fell off after I failed my GRE and humored my rather eccentric decorating style that basically involved my wall acting as a giant scrapbook. Couldn’t have asked for anything more. Can’t wait until I see her again.

Colleen: It’s like Taylor and I were destined to become best friends. We had a mutual best friend in high school, though we did not really know one another. We both chose Indiana University, but did not choose to room with one another. Not knowing anyone at the school, we decided since we sort of knew one another that we should probably go out the first week together. We became inseparable from that moment on! My roommate ended up having to withdraw from school on medical leave just before Thanksgiving break, the same time Taylor’s roommate was getting to the point where they could not be in the same room together anymore. We arranged it so Taylor moved in with me and it could not have been a better decision!

We did not argue once. If anything was bothering either of us (a messy room, distracting music, alone time, etc.) we were honest and open with each other about it and it was never a big deal. We shared so many stories, laughs, and cries that it was like we became sisters and every night was a sleepover. We went out together, ate together, and had no problem doing things on our own either. But if a couple of hours went by without at least a text to one another, we’d be missing each other’s company already!

Some of the amazing things we did for each other throughout the year:
When Tay’s “OLD roommate” would scream at her to the point of tears, all she would have to do is walk to my dorm across the street and I would be there to tell her it was OK and that “old roommate” was a bitch and she did not deserve to be screamed at. I gave “old roommate” a piece of my mind once and for all.

My grandmother passed away during the year and Tay brought me food all day, made sure I had company in the room all day (when I wanted it) and just comforted me so much. After returning to school from all of the services late on a Sunday night, Tay was sleeping but I had a Build-a-Bear and a beautiful bouquet of flowers sitting on my bed that she and other girls on the floor got for me to let me know they cared.

Taylor has had a boyfriend for almost 4 years now and he goes to University of Iowa. Needless to say, after being so far apart and on different schedules it was difficult for her. I never asked her to go somewhere else to talk with him, always kept up on how they were doing, gave her the best advice I could when they were going through rough patches, and left the room when necessary if he was visiting.

So, who’s it gonna be? VOTE NOW!

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