Wardrobe Wish List: Express 2-in-1 Chiffon Vertical-Ruffle Dress

I’m in a lot of pain right now. I’d like to say it’s physical pain from all the hours I’ve been putting in at the gym, but unfortunately the unbearable heat wave has kept my butt right on the couch watching marathons of Say Yes to The Dress while internet shopping.

The pain I’m feeling you ask? It’s an emotional one, due to the fact that the back-to-school commercials and Nordstrom catalogs flooding my television and mailbox are making it painfully obvious that for the first time in my life I cannot justify an August shopping spree that empties my bank account because I’m not going back to school. Obviously in order to crack open the books and learn you need to have a new pair of leather boots, some go-to jeans and four adorable dresses. But if you’re not going back to school….well, what’s the point?

If you’re thinking this pain is going to cause me to skip the back-to-school sales, however, you’re wrong. Very wrong.

Of course I’ll have to deal with a small side of guilt knowing that I’m now just a struggling college graduate and not an eager student, but I’ve decided to throw self-control to the wind and go at the sales anyway. Shopping smart can take the edge off the guilt, and so I have my eye on pieces that can easily transition from work to play. At least every time I whip out my credit card I’ll be getting two outfits in one.

My first buy? The 2-in-1 Chiffon Vertical-Ruffle Dress from Express. I totally love the skirt and tank combo now and into fall and this dress takes all the guesswork out of planning an outfit by giving you the same look without the hassle of matching separate pieces. It looks as effortless as it actually is with a thin black tank melding into a high-waisted army green chiffon bottom complete with chic, cascading ruffles. For a perfect fall work ensemble I’ll tone it down with black studded flats, tights and a boyfriend blazer.

And by slipping into a pair of heels, and adding a wide black leather belt around the waist and some chunky jewelry I can walk right out the office and straight into happy hour. The flirty shape has the perfect amount of movement, with just enough fabric for a girly swing, without being too overwhelming.

Maybe I’m not a student. And maybe I’m no longer the targeted demographic of back-to-school sales. But that won’t stop me from buying amazing transitional pieces like this dress. Plus when I buy it, I’ll be forced back to Ramen Noodle dinners and it’ll be like I’m back in college all over again.

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