Move Over Sexpots – It’s The Geeks We Want

The world’s largest nerd orgy, otherwise known as Comic-Con, kicks off today in San Diego and we’re  celebrating the dork-a-palooza by focusing on entertainment’s sexiest geeks. From the guys who never the leave the house without polishing their suspenders to to the guys who refuse to hide their  acapella affiliations, we’re covering every kind of nerd and dork that’s out there.  Because at the end of the day, when you’re done sitting around your phone waiting for that Abercrombie and Fitch model to call, these are the kinds of guys you want to date.

Seth Cohen is your basic neurotic Jewish man who talks a mile a minute and doesn’t stop playing his video games for anything. And we mean anything. This is the kid who didn’t even press pause when his father was like “this underage car thief from the wrong side of the tracks is going to live in our pool house now.” He’s obsessed with comics and confides his deepest secrets to a plastic horse. He’s a catch… especially if you’re a psych major.

Steve Urkel is your all-around classic nerd. He has the glasses, the suspenders, and the never-going-happen-except-during-sweeps crush on the hot girl next door. Oh and he’s also some kind of nuclear physicist genius who is creating mind-blowing inventions in his Chicago basement. So yeah, he’s that guy you see at your 25th high school reunion wearing a suit made out of gold…that he got as a gift from the president for inventing affordable time travel.

Dan Humphrey is your brooding, intellectual dork. The kind you might find sitting on a lone bench (hand!?)writing about his deepest thoughts, desires, and his anger towards his social-climbing-eyeliner-overdosing little sister. He’s the guy you want when you’re ready to move to Brooklyn or when your history paper is due in an hour and you haven’t even started yet.

Harry Potter is your everyday all-around wizard next door who can defeat the most evil wizard in the world, yet can’t control his pesky wand when a girl he likes conjures up some impressive magic. He’s a dork with a dark past and he’ll always be there when you want to talk abut feelings or weather-shaped scars on your forehead. Oh and he’s bilingual. Parseltongue foreplay anyone?

Screech is that pesky lifelong virgin who lacks all self-awareness about how completely annoying he is to everyone around him. Despite his constantly-cracking voice and his curly do, he manages to get in with the in-crowd and spend his day drooling over totally hot babes like Lisa Turtle. If his superior social climbing skills don’t impress you, then just wait for him to introduce you to his not-so-secret crush, Zach Morris.

Andy Bernard is a real-life good guy who happens to belong to one of upstate New York’s finest acapella groups. He’s not one to hide it when he likes a girl and he’ll do just about anything to get his lady of choice to marry him. Yep, marry. This guy is all about  some solid commitment — and outrageous Secret Santa gifts.

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