Texas A&M Students Have to Fight for the Right To Potty

If you have a moment, I want you to think of the necessitates in your life.  What things do you really need to get by?  For me, it’s toast (food), coffee (water), reality TV, and toilet paper.

But head honchos at Texas A&M don’t agree.

The University, in attempts to cut $60 million of their budget campus wide, is hoping to remove $82,000 from their budget first by leaving the dormitories sans TP.  Yep, that’s right. Texas A&M is not stocking dormitories with the one thing we really need on a Sunday morning (after extensive partying, the discovery of cheap vodka and the obligatory late night burrito).

Associate vice president for communications, Susan Sherylon Carroll says, “We looked at what areas can we cut and not negatively affect our students’ academics, and it was that.”  Really, Susan Sherylon? You really think not having potty essentials to clean up shop isn’t going to negatively affect all of the students who are consuming DORM FOOD? (And speaking of food, if they’re taking away TP, can you imagine what sort of cuts they are making with the grub? Um, ew.)

I have a firm belief that not being able to wipe (or sprinting to buildings where they can) is going to affect any students studying rituals and academic performance. 

Let us brainstorm.  I’m sure there are a ton of other things they can remove from the life of a college student that is not going to negatively affect their academic performance (or force them to drip dry….).  How about all of those fancy ‘University’ magazines they send out to families, that weird salad nobody eats in the caf, the inflated salaries of the worst professors on campus, gas expenses for those little maintenance cars that push people off sidewalks on the way to class, or the vice president’s assistant salary?

We’re in a recession, I get it, but there’s got to be a better way for universities to cut their losses than by taking away students’ rights to wipe. I mean, if we’re already stooping this low, what’s next? Shower curtains? Indoor plumbing? Charging for office hours? Come on!

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