The Know: Perfect Hair Every Day

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Here’s the truth: There are a select few of us who are blessed with naturally straight, never frizzy, takes-no-effort-to-look-good hair. And usually it’s those same biatches who are also blessed with Gisele legs, a killer metabolism and big, perfect boobs. God bless them.

But for most of us, making our hair look good (especially in these humid summer months) takes time.
And hair tools (which usually result in burning our finger or forehead).
And hair products (which are costly. And if we use too much we look greasy, and if we use too little we look like we are trying to sport a fro).
And more time (we all know the re-straightening-the-hair-one-last-time-before-we-head-out-the-door routine).

It’s no wonder we walk to class with our hair piled on top of our heads; I know for me, making my hair look like it came out of a (very cheaply made) Pantene Pro-V commercial takes time, people. And in the morning, I ain’t got that. Or at least I’m not choosing to have that when my bed is too comfortable to get out of just yet.

But that’s all changed for me. I recently underwent Keratin hair therapy and let me tell you folks: Life. Freakin. Changing.

For those of you with curly hair, wavy hair, thick hair that takes forever to straighten, hair that poofs up in the humidity, hair that is unruly, you get the picture… this is the answer for you.

It takes three hours (and three days of no washing, ponytails, bobby pins or working out), but my hair has never felt softer. I may have done this during the most humid week in Chicago history (I mean seriously, I’ve sweat in places I didn’t know one could sweat) but still, no poofy, frizzy, ’80s looking hair. My hair dries in half the time and I only need to flat iron it if I want it to look REALLY good. Plus, it still holds a soft wave if I want it, so it’s not like those Japanese straightening things that limit you (and look like a hot mess growing out).

The best part: it will last just like this for 3-4 months before it rinses out.

Honestly folks, while this treatment may be pricey (Groupon and other local deal sites often feature salons offering discounts), think about the time you are going to save yourself. And the energy. And all that heat ruining your precious tresses every day. And most importantly, think about how good you will feel in class knowing your hair looks less like a knotty mess and more like amazeballness.

And I know you always want To Know about looking amazeballness.

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