5 Traits of Irresistible College Dudes


Recently, while busily browsing through YourTango, I came across an enlightening post about the ‘7 Traits of Irresistible Men.’ I read it in between wistful sighs with my head in my hands…the irresistible man…mmmm. Before I knew it, I was seeing my ideal dude, tossing his thick tresses around under an exotic waterfall.  Mid-gaze he winked at me as a droplet of water fell from his thick black eyelashes…

Woah sorry, was I writing a post?

Then I got to thinking.  There is so much more dimension to the irresistible elements of a college guy than just those 7, albeit irresistible, traits.  Unfortunately, in college we don’t have waterfalls for our boys to stand in or bright enough bars for them to send us a snappy wink from across the room.  But we do have dive bars, florescent lit libraries, dirty frat houses and lots of cute boys to inhabit them.

So I wanted to add on to the list YourTango constructed, because sometimes ‘collegey’ guy turn-ons are the best of all.  And (lucky for us) we don’t even have to leave our campus quad to find them.

College Guy Uniform: I must say, studying all day and a quick PlayStation 2 sesh in the dorm room does a college boy good.  I love it when a guy strolls around campus wearing sweats or mesh shorts and a tee.  There’s just something so delicious about a boy gone casual. They automatically look cool and collected, ready to cuddle in bed with me all day beat the last level on Call of Duty.

College Guy Chivalry: These little notions seem minor, but in a world where chivalry is on its way out, they are totally irresistible.  If they let you go before them in the “Burrito Tuesday” line at the cafeteria.  When they buy you a Bud Light on a Thirsty Thursday…. then they hoist you up on to the bar two hours later so you can get a free one. They make your bed before leaving in the morning. Yeah, swoon.

College Guy Emoticons: Winking is so 2005.   However, winking through semi-colon and parentheses via text makes my heart skip a beat.

College Guy Confidence: There is really something about a college guy whose confidence surpasses arrogance and it’s impossible to resist.  Seriously, he will do anything to impress a woman: shotgunning a Coors, break-dancing to Justin Bieber, or dragging you out to the dance floor to do it with him.  Meanwhile, smitten, you’re getting sprayed with Coors and joining him on the dance floor while he flails his arms around like an idiot. But he doesn’t care and, awww, it’s adorable.

College Guy Bromances: For the most part, a college guy’s relationship with his broskies is actually kind of cute (if you get by the countless hours spent picking the ultimate Fantasy Football team).  Watching them hug it out, grab lunch together, or turn to one another for girl advice is just presh. And the nickname bestowed upon each dude from his buddies? Be still my heart. If his boys love him enough to give him a cute name, how can we not?

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