Budget Stylista: Summer Style Goes on Sale

Every year it boggles my mind when boots and wool sweaters start showing up in stores in mid July.
I mean honestly, people! Sweat is dripping down my back and I’m supposed to be shelling out dough on the over-the-knee leather boots and colorful wrap scarves? I think not.

But all these early fall shenanigans in the stores means one thing: they need to clear room.

Enter: the summer sale (!!!).

Pretty much every store you go to (or shop online at) is offering HUGE summer sale discounts. So this week, instead of putting looks together, I’m highlighting 10 of my favorite summer sale pieces. From shoes to vests to cute tops to totes… these are my favorite budget buys that will you can wear now.

Because even though the stores want you to think it… summer is FAR from over and you’ve still got plenty of time to look hot.

Product Information (Left to Right):
op Row: Vest – JCrew; Boyfriend Jeans – Banana Republic; Tank – Ann Taylor; Ruffle Dress – Bloomingdales. Second Row: White Skinny Jeans – Ann Taylor; Tote Bag – Gap; Zipper Skirt – Bloomingdales; Ruffle Tank – JCrew. Bottom Row: Ring – Banana Republic; Sandals – Ann Taylor

What Goes Up Must Come Down. And That Includes the Price of Textbooks.
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