Weekly Wrap Up: Beer Me The Weekend

What a week! I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’ve been busting my butt at the gym, trying to look cute before classes start again. There’s a lot of stress to look banging when the school year starts again, what with the new slew of potential Freshmen boys roaming through campus. But before I can begin my 5k regimen (or chug a protein shake on the couch), let’s the review the week that was.

Lindsay’s finally gone to jail. Thank god it’s only 12 days; I don’t know if I wold have made it through 90.

He dumped you but still texting you? Three words: what. a. douche. Walk away, girlfriend.

– Feeling stressed? A little too much on that plate of yours? Stop. Breathe. Relax. And find out why stress does a body bad.

– We may not all have the money or time to travel the world when trying to get over a break up like in Eat, Pray, Love, but there are a few things that help. First step: load up on the chocolate. Yes please.

The Jersey Shore “celebrities” went on strike. But before we could send in the replacements, MTV gave in to their demands. Apparently being orange warrants $30K per episode.

– We’re intelligent. We’re sexy. We’re worthy of love. Yet somehow, there are still so many dating myths that even, we, the smartest women believe.

– Who cares about how many people you’ve slept with? No, we’re serious. If you got confidence and sass, numbers don’t mean nothin’.

– And while we’re talking about things people care too much about, what’s the deal with all the people sipping the Miley Cyrus Haterade?

– Fall clothes are starting to show up in all our favorite stores and that means one thing: SUMMER SALES.

    Gossip Cheat Sheet: Can We Send Them All to Jail?
    Gossip Cheat Sheet: Can We Send Them All to Jail?
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