College Q&A: Making Friends in a Single

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I’m leaving for college in like 4 weeks and I’m so excited. (But that might be because my summer job is so boring haha.) I am living in a single next year and I couldn’t be happier. I didn’t want to live with someone random and my friends aren’t going to school with me so I went with a single instead.  Now that school is getting closer I’m getting worried that might have been a bad idea. Without a roommate how will I meet people? Was a single a bad idea? Not that I can change it….. Do you have any advice for meeting people?

Busy Bee:
First off, getting a single was not a bad idea. You will meet tons of people on your floor, through classes, and my favorite…by joining clubs! I can’t stress this enough. People are always concerned about having friends, but what they often forget is that 1) You will always be your own best friend, and 2) You gotta put yourself out there to have friends. One of my life philosophies is that what you put out into the world, you will receive back. If you want friends, then be charismatic. That’s all it takes – people are attracted to positive energy. Anyway, you’ll be fine – just don’t be shy. Start by friending someone who does have a roommate. That way, you’ll have automatic invite whenever a group of people go out. Just put yourself out there and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Party Girl:
I’m not going to lie to you, having roommates definitely makes the meet-and-greet first weeks of college a lot easier.  The good news is that your social life doesn’t necessarily have to suffer because of your solitary status. You just gotta get creative.  Go out of your way to get to know the other students on your hall.  Go door to door and introduce yourself, keep the door open, play a little music, and don’t be afraid to hang your head in someone’s room if you see their door is open, too.  Also, everyone loves a party (and sharing some illegally procured beers bonds people together like nothing else can), so have a little pre-game in your room before heading out to those Welcome Week frat parties, then have them back in your room for some late night pizza when you stumble home. Whatever you do, do not shut that door (unless you’re changing….or getting busy); the more available you make yourself, the more friends you’ll make.

GPA Girl:
Girl, trust me, this is not a problem at all. You are going to be sooooo happy you have a single once the school year gets started and you want to throw parties in your room or take guys back to your digs. Plus, you can throw your stuff anywhere anytime you want and no one will yell at you, and you can listen to your own music all day long, have total silence when you need it… can you tell I live by myself?! OK, but seriously. First of all, you can definitely and easily meet new people without having a roommate. In most cases, your roomie’s new friends don’t end up being your new friends anyway. Second, potential new friends almost drop into your lap at college. Go to student orientation, go to new activity sign-ups, join intramural sports teams, try to attend club meetings that interest you, go to study groups, etc. Basically, get out there. If you’re willing to smile and say “Hi” to people you see, you’ll have bucketloads of friends before you know it. After all, everybody is in the same boat as you and is also trying to navigate their own college experience, so it’s helpful to have shipmates along for the ride! OK, that’s enough metaphors for one day. Good luck!

College: It’s Worth Every Penny
College: It’s Worth Every Penny
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