Save Money and Look Great By Doing It All Yourself

As college students on a budget, we sometimes have to sacrifice our favorite beauty regimens in favor of our weekly trips to Dollar Beer night (or maybe we are actually being responsible and shelling out a few hundred dollars on a semester’s worth of textbooks). But just because we want to save some money doesn’t mean we have to look like dingy hags with 12 cats and a knitting room.

With a little DIY, of course.

When it comes to treating yourself, you don’t need to shell out the big bucks for a professional; you can get the same results right there in the privacy of your bedroom. And we’ve got all the secrets. From great first date make-up and hair ideas, to cheap ways to bring your closet from drab to fab, here is your do-it-yourself guide to looking and feeling great.

The DIY Manicure. Even those cheap-o $12 manicures add up, so save that dough and manicure your own fine hands. You’ll have to head to your local drug store to stock up on all the essentials, like this season’s most fun and funky colors, but you’ll end up spending way less in the long run. And it’s worth it for Zebra-print nails.

The DIY Wax. If you’re especially daring, check out these seven tips for a successful at-home wax. And if you want to try the latest vajazzling craze without the awkwardness of having a strange woman in your area, there are now peel-and-stick rhinestone designs you can apply (and take off….) yourself.

The DIY Facial. We all want that perfect, glowing complexion but it’s not always (or ever??) practical to drop $90 on a salon facial. e.l.f. Cosmetics’ Creative Director explains step-by-step how to get that dewey but not greasy look yourself. And if you want to be really resourceful, you can even make face masks and body butter from leftover items in your pantry. Yum.

The DIY Makeover. There’s no reason not to look stunning for a first date (or a night out looking for a boy to take you on a first date), even with an empty wallet. Think Blair Waldorf! You can recreate her pulled-together, always classy look by making your own hair flair and copying her barely-there makeup. Just don’t forget to prepare for any mishaps (pit stains, anyone?) that might come your way.

The DIY Up-do. You don’t need some beauty school grad to update your everyday ‘do. It can be as simple and inexpensive as upgrading the half-up, half-down look, or being a little more adventurous and trying a retro side pin-up.

DIY Couture. Can’t afford the pricey goods lining the walls of your campus boutiques? Think high-fashion on a budget and add some Michael Jackson bling to your everyday V-neck tee. Instead of shelling out the cash, take your already amazing jeans and destroy them yourself. And make the boyfriend blazer you love so much completely unique and individual (like you!) by adding some funky patterned cuffs.

And if you really wanna knock everybody’s socks off, all you really need is a perfect Angelina Jolie pout and sultry smudge-proof eye makeup.

You go girl! Hit the town and knock ’em dead….then spend all that leftover cash on something fabulous.

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