Wardrobe Wish List: Victoria’s Secret Lacy Hoodie

It’s that time of year again: time to start thinking about Back To School! The time when the dorm assignments flow in and you start mentally decorating your new room. When you start packing and having late-night Gchats with your friends about your first Welcome Week party. When you start searching Amazon for the cheapest books you can find and, more importantly, your go-to comfort pieces for the season.

This wish list is partly out of courtesy to all my fellow hoodie lovers and partly out of denial about my current life-after-college situation (while you lucky college kids can rock hoodies and sweats all day, every day, it is unfortunately no longer socially as acceptable for me to do so). But regardless if it’s acceptable or not, the Lacy Hoodie from Victoria’s Secret will most definitely remain at the top of my wish list.

No one can deny that the purpose of a hoodie is 100 percent comfort, but when it also boasts edgy fabric and modern details it is for sure a must-have, college schedule or not. Sharing the mullet’s motto, the sweatshirt is all business in the front (with a simple black zip-up) and party in the back (with hot pink satin and a lace overlay).

There is no question how a student will add this into their wardrobe – thrown over a white tank and yoga pants for early morning classes 0 but how a recent grad can slip this item in is a little less obvious.

Last year’s layered trend is still totally in for fall, and I’m in love with the thrown-on-casual look of a tee-hoodie-jean jacket combo. Who isn’t? But swapping out your old college hoodie for the Lacy Hoodie adds an extra ounce of rocker-chic and awesome to an otherwise laid-back weekend look. I’m thinking Saturday afternoon errands in a loose boyfriend tee, the edgy hoodie and a pair of distressed jean shorts. To take the hoodie into night, I’ll transition it by trading the shorts for some dark wash skinny jeans, motorcycle boots and some layered, metal-chained jewelry, creating a bar look that’s the perfect mix of comfort and style. And when I’m sitting in Starbucks in my comfiest sweatpants for hours, scouring the internet for a job, this hoodie will be the perfect transition piece from my lazy college days to my more refined early-twenties life.

I may no longer be able to wake up five minutes before class, slip on sweats and throw my hair in a bun, but still being able to justify hoodies in my wardrobe will make this whole adult life a little easier.

College: It’s Worth Every Penny
College: It’s Worth Every Penny
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