The Ten Happiest (And Most Affordable) Places in the World

The Huffington Post just released a list of the 10 Happiest Places in the World.  I was totally excited to recognize some of the places on the list and book my one-way ticket to nirvana, but had to reconsider when I didn’t even realize where some of these places were.  Vanuatu?  Bhutan?  Wuyi Shan?  Hidakagwa? While the pictures are beyond amazing, I’m thinking the price tags that accompany a stay in these locations would be more than my college-girl budget could accommodate.

Fortunately, I know of a few Happy Places that only require a hop, skip, stumble, or drive to get to:

The Holy Grail of fabulous discount home décor, indeed.  Who doesn’t love a little Swedish influence in their dorm room?  A day trip to your local (or two states away) Ikea is always worth it, especially when you take a quick break from shopping to enjoy the international cuisine of their lunchroom.  Mmmmm…

Jimmy John’s on Sunday Morning
Free smells?  Heck, I’ll fork over a small fortune for one of their delicious sandwiches when I’ve got a massive hangover.  Sitting slumped over a turkey on whole wheat while piecing together the previous night’s events with the BFFs will always bring a smile to my face.

Laying on the Quad During the First Warm Day
You know the type of day I’m talking about.  After months of winter’s gloom, the sun finally makes an appearance and the thermometer reads a delightful 70 degrees.  Class is not an option on these days.  Grab your girlfriends, embrace the paleness of your limbs, and watch the guys play Frisbee.  There’s nothing better.

Your “Home” Bedroom the First Night of Winter Break
It’s walking into the bedroom of your childhood after five months of living, eating, sleeping, and studying in the same space with another person.  The carpet is clean, the bed is made…and what’s that you hear?  Absolutely nothing?  Yes, the marvelous sounds of silence.

Your Couch on Wine Wednesday
Want to wear sweatpants?  Want to throw your hair up in a messy bun?  Want to get a buzz on while gossiping with your best friends?  Welcome to Wine Wednesday!  Sink in that comfy couch and let the smack-talk fly.

Tailgating on Sunny Fall Days
It’s school spirit, big SUVs, tons of kegs, and a cool breeze.  Of course you get out there at the crack of dawn, even for the night games.  Why waste a single moment when you could be chatting around the grill and playing flip cup?  Bring on the cute scarves, baby needs a drink!

Dollar Beer Night at the Bar
Did I mention the beer is just a dollar?  It’s the one night a week you can feel like a Rockefeller as you peel back the ones and buy a round for all your friends.  Not to mention that less than 20 bucks get you good and wasted.  Everyone wins.

Roommate Bonding in Your Dorm Room with a Full Season of DVDs
Don’t feel like getting out of bed?  Good thing you’ve got a remote and that six-disc DVD changer!  From the comfort of your extra long twin you can take in the wisdom of Carrie Bradshaw or the romantic trials of Dawson and Joey.  When bathroom breaks and trips to the microwave to make popcorn are the only pressing matters of the day,  you know you’re doing something right.

The Gym During the Baseball Team’s Working Out
Sweat.  Muscles.  Lunges.  Need I say more?

The Nail Salon When You Have Spare Money
So in this scenario, not only do you have extra cash, but someone is also massaging your feet.  Yeah, this is basically what my dreams look like.  Sit back and relax.  For 45 minutes you get to escape reality and forget about that term paper looming off in the distance.  Bliss!

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