I Love Your Style: Taylor Momsen

Who or what inspires your style? Many of us use celebrities (Nicole Richie or Emma Watson) as style inspiration even though, most of the time, they are being dressed from head to toe by the best stylists. Which we don’t have. And sometimes it’s damn near impossible to work their Hollywood looks into our not-so-Hollywood lives. I’ve made it my mission to tap into the mind of a fashion stylist and show you how to take your style inspiration – whatever it may be – and make it more you!

As you may have come to notice, I seem to have an affinity towards style icons that dress like they’re a little peeved about something. And Taylor Momsen is the queen of the peeve. While 17-year-old Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl has a few things to be angry about (namely, playing second fiddle to her perfect brother and bombshell step-sister), I’m not exactly sure what’s getting Taylor’s panties (when she wears them, that is) in a bunch. I mean, the girl works alongside some serious dime pieces like Penn Badgley, Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick, fronts her band Pretty Reckless, and models for Madonna‘s upcoming fashion line called Material Girl.

But this girl is spicy, outspoken and seemingly angry, and it all comes through in the clothing (or lack thereof) that she dons. Taylor did a complete 180 and went from Upper East Side preppy with her compadre (and fellow style icon) Willa Holland to X-rated rebel. Gone are the girly dresses and frilly tops, replaced by ripped tights, heavy eyeliner and garter belts (?!). But while she’s still not legal, the way she rocks that wardrobe makes me realize that age ain’t nothing but a number.

I’m diggin Taylor’s style because it’s extreme.  Not to the point of Lady Gaga covered in fake blood, but it’s extreme to where you wonder, “What could she possibly wear next?”  It’s a little bit scandalous considering she’s still jailbait, but inspiring because she pairs it with an edgy attitude….and the mouth of a sailor. She doesn’t care what people think or say; she wears what she wants, when she wants. Some may judge her for it, but Taylor doesn’t care. And, quite frankly, I don’t care either. Taylor does rocker chic and she does it well.

And because we’re well past our barely-legal days, we can work her look without worrying about the judgment of others.

Purse, Shoes, Tights, Sunglasses, Dress, Jacket

I LOVE this look on Taylor. The sexy dress, the grungy jacket, the trendy booties. It’s a perfect mix of girly, sexy and rock; ideal for a night on the town.

The metallic clingy dress and leather jacket are practically made for each other, especially for those chilly fall nights coming our way.  The lace tights add some texture, while also feminizing (yet rock-n-roll-izing) the look even more.  And opting for suede booties instead of a standard pair of black pumps just looks….cool. Throw on a bag with chain details for some extra glam and you’ve got yourself a going-out ‘fit that’s fit for a rock ‘n roll queen.

And the best part? You can break these pieces down and work them again and again. Pair the tights with a high-waisted skirt and a cami. Wear the jacket with a flowy, floral top and some skinny jeans. Slip the dress on for date night or even a more formal date party. The possibilities are endless.

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