When It Comes to Love, It’s All In The Family

Good news, everybody.  If you’ve ever found yourself sexually attracted to your brother/dad/uncle/cousin, the University of Illinois just released a study that says you’re not completely wacko.

Pause.  Now recollect yourself.  No vomit noises, please.  This is science.

Apparently it was proven that humans are more attracted to those who look like themselves.  And who looks like you more than your own darn family?  One group of the study participants were subliminally shown pictures of their opposite sex parent as they rated the attractiveness of strangers’ pictures.  The other group were simply shown the strangers’ pictures without the subliminal image before.  Guess which group was more attracted to those strangers? Yup, forget the guy on the soccer team you’ve been seeing, seems pretty obvious that you should lust after your older bro instead.

Okay, go back to your dry heaving.

Would You Rather…
Would You Rather…
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