The Know: Remember The ’90s?

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Get ready to love and hate me at the same time.
Love me because I’m about to tell you about the best new blog out there.
Hate me because you’re about to fall behind – WAY behind – on anything productive that you need to do.

Because there is no better way to procrastinate than by being nostalgic.
And what’s taking me on this trip down memory lane?


Hilary Buckholtz’s genius blog is a daily dedication to all pop-culture nostalgery from the ’80s and ’90s. Want a clue as to how kick-ass this site is? The backdrop banner features the infamous NBC “The More You Know” logo with the shooting star.

If I haven’t sold you on the site yet, the flashback to “No Hope with Dope” should pretty much convince you that this blog is worth your precious procrastination time.

From California Raisin t-shirts to Cabbage Patch Kids to commercials for color changing Squeeze Its (I LOVED those!) this site is pure gold for all things memory lane. And if your favorite ’80s or ’90s toy/shirt/trend/crush/commercial/food etc is missing, just email Buckholtz and she’ll feature it! The best part is the reader submissions showing off their fabulously awful ’80s and ’90s style.

Seriously people – it wasn’t until I was an hour in that I was reminded of Garbage Pail Kids and old school computer paper! I mean remember when we had to tear of the edges of paper before we printed?!

Get ready to become addicted…

And for another throwback moment- listen to this montage of only the best early ’90s dance tunes. I forgot about these gems.

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