Gossip Cheat Sheet: Hollywood Takes a Breather

All’s quiet on the Hollywood front (most likely because Lindsay is rockin’ the orange jumpsuit). This week has been surprisingly dull with the exception of Blake Lively’s boobs at Comic-Con. Although without the Twilight trio and Daniel Radcliffe, even that nerd-fest was a bummer.


Worth a Venti Unsweetened Iced Coffee

1. Wyclef for President? Of Haiti that is. The star has been contributing to the Haiti relief effort since that massive earthquake hit back in January, and he has submitted paperwork to enter the upcoming election. The Haiti native is supposed to be making a formal announcement soon. It’s nice to see celebs doing good!

2. Diablo Cody is a momma! The screenwriter had a son named Marcello this week. You may know Diablo for Juno and Jennifer’s Body (two great movies…watch them now). Diablo’s married to Chelsea Lately staffer Dan Maurio. You can also catch her on her new internet series “Red Band Trailer” where she interviews celebs like sexy Adam Brody!

3. In other pregnancy news, Christina Applegate also has a bun in the oven! This is great news for the actress as she just recently beat breast cancer. She showed off her new baby bump at the premiere of Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore and looked fab!

4. Linda Hogan is engaged to her son 21-year-old bf, Charlie Hill. Charlie is only a year younger than her daughter, Brooke, and went to high school with her! Awk.ward. They are getting married some time next summer. If the two are happy, more power to them, but for some reason this seems like a publicity stunt since the Hogans haven’t gotten press since their disaster of a reality show went off the air.

4. Casey Affleck is filing an extortion lawsuit against Amanda White who accused him of sexual harassment while he was filming Joaquin Phoenix’s documentary, I’m Still Here: The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix. Affleck’s legal team is claiming that White accused him of sexual harassment because she wanted more money from the film. While I don’t understand the whole Joaquin Phoenix-becoming-rapper-publicity-stunt, I do hope this mess gets sorted out soon.

5. Cheryl Tweedy (Cole) and boyfriend Derek Hough are reportedly moving in together. That was fast! Cheryl just recently split from her ex-husband and was diagnosed with malaria early this month. Reports say that Cheryl asked Derek to move in with her, but he’s also looking for his own place in London as well. Slow down, honey; we don’t want you going through anymore heartbreak.

Drink some warm milk and go to bed.

1. Rihanna is set to star (yes, act) in Battleship with Alexander Skarsgard and Taylor Kitsch. I’m sorry, but last time I checked, she was a pop star. I should be cast instead!

2. Rachel Bilson is coming back to How I Met Your Mother!! She’ll be returning as Cindy, Ted’s love interest. How exciting! The only thing that can make me happier is for her and Hayden Christensen to get back together.

3. Edi Gathegi, better known as Laurent from Twilight, will be mutated in X-Men: First Class. He’ll play Darwin, who has the ability to evolve and adapt into any environment. Cool!

4. Isaiah Mustafa (the sexy Old Spice guy) is going to be on Chuck (eek!) and will be in a movie with Jennifer Aniston (EEK!). The movie stars Jen and Jason Batemen, and Isaiah will be playing a cop. Hopefully a shirtless cop. SO EXCITED!

5. You can’t deny it, Russel Brand is hot. (Editor’s Note: I’ll deny that till the day I die.)

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