Weekly Wrap Up: Whew, We Survived Jersey Shore

This week should have been transformed into a national holiday.  Unless you’re under a bunch of rocks, Jersey Shore and Project Runway premiered yesterday – on the same day as National Lasagna Day. Coincidence? I think not.  And if you’re anything of a nerd nugget like myself, Shark Week is also premiering August 1st.  Get some. Actually, it should be National Week Of Not Getting Some, because I’m going to be too busy sitting on my couch to give a rat’s you know what about anything or anybody else.

However, when the best week in television comes to an abrupt end, I’m going to take it upon myself and mix myself up a couple batches of margarita mix and enjoy the last month of summer with style.  Are you with me? First though, let’s back track on a wonderful week that sucked-my-social-life-to-oblivion (thanks Jersey Shore, Project Runway & Shark Week).

– Bros like Nattys and beasting at the gym better than you.  One of the many reasons you shouldn’t date a bro.

– When you have that sudden crave to escape to Maui for the weekend, forget about it.  Because we’ve got some places that you can afford, and cue the happy vibes.

– We discovered there really is, a class for Sexting. Is the teacher a hottie? I’m getting ahead of myself.

– Do you remember any washed out celebs off hand? Probs not. Bet you would if they did this.

– How can people say learning how to shotgun beers and spend four years with the people you truly love isn’t worth the erroneous amounts of dough to go to college? Here’s why it’s worth every penny.

– Once CC writer takes us through her personal journey about being overweight.  Read and be inspired.

– White lies are there to comfort the blow…right?  We are wondering if honesty is really the best policy when it comes to you and your BFF.

– Did anyone see Inception? I did and I still don’t get it.  This helped.

– Finally, fake it like a knock-off Louis Vuitton sister. And look good doing it.

Gossip Cheat Sheet: Hollywood Takes a Breather
Gossip Cheat Sheet: Hollywood Takes a Breather
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