WTF Friday: Michael Lohan’s Singin’ the Blues [VIDEO]

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It’s not the singing that’s bad. Or the tune, even. I mean, as far as D-Listers-turned-song-writers go, this song blows both Kim Zolciak and The Countess right out of the water.

It’s more the fact that the song is total bullsh*t that has us screaming “WTF?!?!” and pulling at our freshly trimmed locks. Really, Michael? A song about how much you love Lindsay? “A father’s love will never die”? Perhaps “I’m The Worst Dad Ever” would have been more appropriate. Or “I’m Sorry You’re So Messed Up, This Is Totes My Fault.” Hell, at least give her something she can dance around to in her cell.

Good lord, this man is a fame whore. It’s time we send this douchey dad off to an island with no cell phone service, no Internet and no. freaking. music producers.

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My Life As…A Student Athlete
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