Wardrobe Wish List: Banana Republic Silk Pocket Skirt

A girl can only own so many pencil skirts. Actually, let me rephrase that. A girl can (and most likely will) own a ton of pencil skirts, but can only wear them so often before it starts to feel like all sense of a fashion identity has been lost.

Only two short months into the post-grad working world, and I have already reached my limit. It’s not that I don’t like pencil skirts – much to the contrary I actually think they are extremely sexy and flattering on almost all body types. But the staple black pencil skirt with cute-but-not-too-revealing-top uniform can get really boring, really fast.

So instead of stuffing my closet full of yet more simple, streamlined skirts, I’ve decided to spice them up just a tad with unique details that give an outfit just a ounce of wow factor. I’ve gone on a hunt for pieces that are still totally office appropriate, but keep me from falling asleep when looking at my outfit in the mirror.

The perfect skirt? Banana Republic’s Silk Pocket Skirt.  From a block away it appears to be your standard black skirt, but a closer look reveals understated detailing that takes an outfit from average work attire to office chic.

The length is just right – short enough to be feminine and flirty, but long enough to save you from developing a reputation discussed at the water cooler. I love the silky cotton fabric that is super comfortable and breathable, and those pockets! Not only can I store my 3pm snacks in there, but they add a laidback vibe to an otherwise stuffy outfit.

The best part of the skirt by far is the gathered waistband. The rusching effect is adorably feminine and the pleating that ripples down the front gives movement to your bottom half. I see it with a thin, candy-colored silk top and flats for an office look that still allows a recent college grad to be young and fun.

And this skirt’s lifespan doesn’t end before happy hour. Throw on a pair of heels and a smokey eye and you have a chic, sophisticated look (think glamorous professional) that will go perfectly with that cosmo….or the $1 Miller Lites on special. Whatever.

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