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One of the best things about college is meeting new people.  You make lifelong friends, form relationships with professors and mentors, oh–and did I mention there’s lots of guys? The dorm and partying lifestyle of many college students definitely promotes lots of hooking up, but once in awhile you might get lucky and meet a guy who actually wants to take you out on a real date (instead of inviting you over to watch a movie in his dorm only to try to take your pants off the minute you turn the lights off).

While dating can be a great way to get to know someone and possibly start a serious relationship, it’s not always perfect.  We’ve all definitely had our share of bad dates, though nothing compares to the crazy dating situations featured on Bad Date TV.

A sister site of Bad Online Dates, a site designed to bring people together by sharing their bad date stories and sympathizing with each other, Bad Date TV features short, scripted videos of various bad date situations.  There’s a regular cast of characters that all fit particular bad date stereotypes, such as the gold digger or the player.

My favorite one features a girl who invites three different guys on the same date in order to speed up her search for the perfect husband.  She starts talking babies and wedding plans, and proceeds to interview the guys on their husband potential.  Unfortunately for her, her plan backfires when the guys all befriend each other, realize she’s totally crazy, and leave together.

The videos are all pretty funny, and definitely great to check out when you’re procrastinating.  Plus, all the situations featured in the videos are so ridiculous, it’ll make you appreciate how normal your dating life seems in comparison!

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