Why Are College Grads Drinking So Much?

Attention college grads: put down your martini for just a moment and check out the new poll conducted by Gallup.com.  The results show that 71% of college graduates like to get their drink on, compared to only 58% of those with a high school degree or less.

Think about the last time you got your buzz on.  Was it last night?  The night before?  This morning? I’d venture to say it probably was in the not-too-distant past.  While some scientists might be scratching their heads over this significant drinking gap, I can think up a few explanations for this post-university bender we find ourselves on.

Duh, the economy’s got us all depressed.
A lot of us are unemployed.  You may have a job working at Baby Gap, but that’s not a career.  The general lack of a 9 to 5 schedule means we’ve got more room for late nights out and hungover mornings.  And when you’re a twenty-something folding shirts or scooping ice cream all day, you often need a drink to soften the blow of “Is this my life?” moments.

Sometimes the booze is free.
If you’re living with your parents to save on rent, chances are you don’t have much money to spend on alcohol either.  You’ll never get those student loans paid off if you bankroll your friends at the bar, but invite them home and drink the good stuff courtesy of Dad’s liquor cabinet. When it’s just sitting there, how can you say no?

We miss frat parties and house parties and any other type of party you can think of.
Fact: The Center for Science in the Public interest says that 44% of college students are binge drinkers.  There’s a pretty good chance you were one, too.  But gone are the days of stumbling down the quad, vodka-filled Nalgene bottle in hand, as you struggled to keep your impromptu toga from showing too much boob.  In an effort to remember the good ol’ days, we continue the debauched tradition when we can (because dancing to “Tainted Love” is not the same when done sober).

We simply won’t be able to drink heavily for that much longer.
Fingers crossed, soon that college degree is going to land you on a sparkly career path that has you bringing in the big bucks.  Problem is, when you’re a responsible and driven employee, you can’t be hungover during conference calls and business lunches.  Might as well fit in as much partying as you can while you’re still able!

Now that you’ve graduated from fake IDs and sweet talking bouncers in college bars, I say go out there and mainline those Ketel and club sodas. Clearly liver abuse isn’t solely reserved for those still sleeping in extra-long twin beds.

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