Would You Rather…

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m still reeling from Monday’s Bachelorette finale. I’m not sure whether I am so sad for Chris L. or so happy that he’s still a single man (and I’ve got a free Southwest Flight to use to hop on over to Cape Cod to snatch him up). I just can’t imagine what Ali was thinking. I know, I know – it’s not like Roberto was the Vienna of Ali’s season, but still.

It’s Chris Freaking L! COME ON.

But what’s done is done so now it’s time to move on and look forward. And what am I looking forward to? Tonight’s episode of Top Chef (yes, reality TV is the only constant in my life). Because we all know that the only thing that can take anyone’s mind off of Chris L’s body is a perfectly seared scallop with some lobster foam.

And all that got me thinking (and drooling):

Would you rather be the next Bachelorette OR be a judge on Top Chef?

Things to Consider: 25 guys vying for your love, romantic dates in exotic locations, gourmet food, eating…for a living.

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Vote and explain yo’self below.

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