August Madness: Pastimes and Big Events of the ’90s

It might be 2010, but here at CollegeCandy we’re still stuck in the ’90s. All you have to do is say Chumbawhumba and we’re off and running on a ’90s nostalgia debate that lasts the entire day. We know we’re not the only people out there that still rock out to N’Sync and still remember the desperation you felt when you lost your favorite Pogs slammer. So instead of constantly arguing amongst the CollegeCandy team, we decided to throw the question out to our readers and choose, once and for all, what is the best thing to come from the ’90s (besides our many devoted readers, of course).

So, in the fashion of every guy’s wet dream, March Madness, we’ve created an “I Love the ’90s” bracket. Monday we left it up to you to vote on the best entertainment and trends from our favorite decade. In a move that shocked no one, ‘Salute Your Shorts’ creamed ‘Hey Dude!’ and the majority of you favored Mary-Kate and Ashley to Tia and Tamara. But we were surprised to see Fruit by the Foot breeze past Dunkaroos. What’s so special about 3 feet of chewy fruit? Dunkaroos are cookies…dipped in FROSTING.

But them’s the breaks (sorry ‘roos!) and it’s time to exercise your right to vote once again. In today’s polls we’re looking at the biggest events and favorite forms of recreation from the’90s. Will Mall Madness beat out Dream Phone? Is OJ Simpson bigger than Monica Lewinsky?

Cast your vote then come back Monday and Thursday this month so you can keep letting us know what is the best thing to ever come from the 1990 and beyond.

View the Events and Recreation of the ’90s.

And get a closer look at the big winners in Entertainment and Trends.

Ready to vote? Pick your favorite from each match-up below. We’ll tally the scores and let you know who won when we gear up for the next round of votes on Monday! And don’t forget to take a trip down memory lane and sound off in the comments!

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