CollegeCandy’s Las Vegas Bucket List

Every once in a while you receive an invitation that is impossible turn down. For some people it’s the Bat Mitzvah where JC Chasez was rumored to be performing. For others it’s an MTV-style Sweet Sixteen party where the birthday girl promised that everyone would get to hook up with her topless dancers. And for us here at CollegeCandy, it’s an all-expense paid trip to Vegas to party with the best of them and show our readers how to make the most of Sin City. We’re excited, we’re nervous, and we’re about to get a whole lot closer after sharing a hotel room for a week (FYI Lauren…guess now is the time to tell you that I sleep in the nude). (Editor’s Note: That’s OK, Jenni – I get gassy when I’m drunk.)

Not only are we psyched to be crossing off another item on our list of 25 things to do before you turn 25, but we’re also ready to participate in everything that Vegas has to offer. Based on  your suggestions (didn’t see the post asking for suggestions? That’s because it was on our FB page and Twitter-feed!), we’ve put together the ultimate Vegas bucket list, and we’ll be keeping you updated with photos, videos, and tweets as we cross each item off the list.

Pray for us! No, really. Please pray.

1. Get a photo with a D-List celebrity.

2. Win big, lose it all, and gain a valuable lesson about the risks of gambling on a blogger’s salary

3. Get married to a stranger just for the sake of not growing old with cats and knitting needles having a great/stereotypical Vegas story

4. Kiss an Elvis impersonator on the lips.

5. Go to an all-you-can-eat $10.95 buffet (in pants with an elastic waistband) and take full advantage.

6. Hold back Lauren’s hair as she throws up her $10.95 meal while telling her that eating that 5th sirloin steak was a mistake.

7. Live blog from a pool.

7.5. Laugh/cry at our Macbook-shaped burn lines on our thighs. Apply aloe vigorously.

8.  Skinny dip in the Bellagio fountain… after one too many free cocktails at the blackjack table.

9. Get photos with the cops who arrest us for skinny dipping in the Bellagio fountain.

10. Drunk dial our boss (nightly). Giggle. Hang up. Do it again.

Of course, with 4 days in Sin City, we’re also bound to break our new FlipCam, get into a fist fight with the dudes from BroBible, sexile one another, and promise god that we’ll never drink again if he lets us out of Vegas alive. Here’s hoping he’ll listen.

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