One Month Challenge: Facebook Diet, Week 1

I am a Facebook creeper.

I have this compulsive clicking disease when it comes to my news feed. All of a sudden its 12:33 AM on a Sunday and I am looking at photo 433 out of 602, trying to figure out who this person is and how I even got to their page.

It is a SERIOUS problem.

I over analyze guys that I hook up with by the state of their Facebook wall, I get jealous of ex-friends spending drunken nights together, and I stalk profiles of people I know who are abroad like there is no tomorrow. It affects my school work and my overall productivity. This is why I decided to quit Facebook cold turkey and give up my creeper tendencies for one loooonggg month.

And hopefully, by the time I’m done and back at school, I will be able to get things accomplished without wasting hours on the world’s best procrastination website.

Instead of completely deactivating my account (I don’t want to be that girl without a Facebook account), I let one of my friends change my password (one I trusted enough to not change my status to ridiculous things that I wouldn’t even know about). I didn’t want the temptation of opening up my Facebook app on my Blackberry or drunkenly logging in.

In preparation for my Facebook diet, I’ve reactivated my library card, found some websites that stream movies, and stocked up on good blogs to read and new websites to browse (DearBlankPleaseBlank, Catalog Living, and, of course, CollegeCandy). Unfortunately, I don’t think any of that is going to be enough to fill the gaping, Facebook-sized void in my heart. Seriously, I dare you to try and find a site that can entertain me for hours on end like FB. Not because I don’t think you can, but because I need it for my mental health. Please. I’m begging you, dear readers!

Anyways, one week without The Book and I already feel like I have the shakes. My body even decided to fight back with a nasty bacterial infection. Seriously. I can’t make this stuff up. My friends are texting me complaining that I haven’t filled their walls with my latest antics. I can’t leave inappropriate comments on photo albums and status updates as they filter through my newsfeed. And I won’t be able to stalk my sorority’s potential new members once recruitment starts. Oh the HORROR.

I don’t think a Facebook-free epiphany will happen by August 31, but I think I’ll be okay. I’m going to spend more time enjoying my life instead of watching everyone post about theirs. And people really don’t need to read about my opinion of Bethenny’s assistant Max (absolutely adorable but six inches too short) or the concept of the shirt-before-the-shirt (pure genius).

Let’s just hope I can last 31 days without hearing about theirs.

Saturday Read: Tuesdays with Morrie, by Mitch Albom
Saturday Read: Tuesdays with Morrie, by Mitch Albom
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