The Weekly Ten: Best of Back-To-School

I. Heart. School supplies.

Yes, we know summertime can be oh-so-sweet, but now it’s August and summer’s winding down with school just around the corner. As much as summer rules, from the beach to margaritas, there are so many perks to heading back to campus and gearing up for classes.

Here are the top 10 reasons that you can feel good about ditching the bikini for some books!

10. School Supplies
Is there anything sweeter than shopping for new pencils and binders? And highlighters? And an adorable bag to carry it all in? I love back to school shopping for supplies solely because I love thinking of new ways to organize.. and then obviously not following through with any of it come the first day of school. But still – gotta love the crisp pages of a new notebook. Sigh.

9. Dorm/Apartment Shopping
After stocking up on post-its of all colors, there’s no better excuse than back to school to get some brand new decorative pieces for your dorm and apartment. Low on space? Check out the container store, definitely a top fave. Want fun, quirky decorations? Check out Anthropologie’s sales!

8.  School sports
Get pumped for football, hockey and basketball. Even if your school isn’t a Div I college, it’s still amazing to pre-party bond over some sport, even if it’s just squash.

7. Fall clothes
So over shorts and tanks? Slip into some cute new jeans, sweaters, dresses and jackets. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve had it with my gladiator sandals. I can’t wait to bust out my boots and scarves again!

6. Exciting (or not) new classes
Okay, so maybe Bio 101 isn’t exactly riveting stuff, but new classes mean new potential friends (and boys!), kickass profs (and boys!) and absorbing all sorts of interesting educational material (and boys!). Cause that’s what college is all about, right? Or…

5. Excuses to drink…
From keggers to birthday parties to pre-gaming absolutely any activity (like another pre-game), this is the only time in your life where you can justify drinking in the middle of a weekday. Live it up.

4. Seeing everyone again
How much does it suck when you go home in the summer and all your college besties are hundreds of miles away, totally out of your reach? Reuniting with your group of friends is an amazing feeling, not to mention meeting back up with those…

3. College crushes
A whole new year to get at that cutie from your Sociology class. Leave the hometown kid behind and move back to your college squeeze!

2. Something to do every single night
There’s always something happening on college campuses, whether it’s a comedy show, concerts, sports games, parties… it’s hard to not be busy, busy when you’re back at school. No more summer boredom blues wasted away watching reruns of the Kardashians! (Or, at least if you are watching, you’re doing it with your friends which makes it infinitely better….and more acceptable.)

1. Complete. Freedom.
Kick back, crack open a beer (in the shower) and breathe a sigh of relief. You’re back on your own! No more parentals scrutinizing your every move or a summer job to tie you up at all hours. You’re back on college time. Finally!

The Do’s and Don’ts of College According to TFLN Creator, Ben Bator
The Do’s and Don’ts of College According to TFLN Creator, Ben Bator
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