Wardrobe Wish List: JCrew Stripe Confetti Ruffle Shirt

I’m a firm supporter of the whole “quality over quantity” argument when it comes to stocking my closet.  I believe in having a handful of basic pieces that transcend the trends- a slow accumulation of great handbags, well-made shoes, and basic shirts and pants.  The problem with my little rule is that once in a while I see something so absolutely to die for that I just want to hand over my hard earned cash and make an impulsive splurge purchase.

Ladies, this stripe confetti ruffle shirt from J.Crew is the current #1 on my lust list.  It’s a departure from the standard white or blue button-down oxford we’re all used to wearing when we want to look polished and profesh.

A great addition to your Fall shopping list, it’s a straightforward button down with a cheeky side.  Just look at that ruffled collar!  Check those stripes!  Appropriate for class presentations, job interviews, and looking generally collegiate while posing with the school mascot next to a stack of newly purchased textbooks (wait, does that situation only occur in catalogues?).

Don’t think you need to banish the ruffled goodness to pencil skirts and formal occasions.  J.Crew has hit a home run and created the shirt dreams are made of with this one.  Half-tuck it into a pair of white short-shorts and throw on some cute sandals.  Roll the sleeves, don some aviator sunglasses and you’re stylin’ your way to the football game.

Want to snazz it up for date night?  Add a pair of killer sparkly earrings and stack up a few bracelets when you wear the shirt with a mini-skirt and ballet flats.  But be sure to unbutton the first three buttons so you don’t look like a nun…you do want another date after all.

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The Ultimate Roommate Survival Guide
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