8 Under $20: Lovin’ The Lace

Ok, here’s the deal. While many people might disagree, I stand firm in my belief that lace should not be confined to the contents of your underwear drawer.  Although it looks to die for on a pair of panties, it also looks beloved with just about any outfit.  It’s romantic. It’s Grace Kelly. It’s classy. It’s classic.

And it’s under $20 dollars (at least on this URL).

So let’s get shopping, shall we?

Subtle and sexy this top is as great in the front as it is the back.  It would be perfect for a date night and a great addition with a soft bun in your hair.  This top is a perfect example of how classy lace can really be.

Need a wonderful remedy for a bad hair day? Slip on a hip and  feminine headband, of course!  The soft cream color and thick hem would be great to throw on before class for an easy fix-up. And at $4.99, I’m dying to click ‘Add to Shopping Cart.’

This Lucca Couture top is great because it’s so versatile.  You could layer it over any colored shirt, with a high waisted skirt, under a vest. . .the list goes on and on.  Getting creative is key.  I love it because it is so romantic and Grace Kelly.

Perfect for your upcoming fall wardrobe with its deep, yummy, purple tint [also comes in cream and black].  Loose and flowy, this top is breathable and would look great tucked in to a skirt or tucked out of some skinny jeans.

With the off the shoulder, flirty style and lace fabric this top has some serious character. And pizazz. And style. And fierce-itude. And that’s why I like it.  With some simple jewelery and flats I promise a few double-takes. Damn girl!

Getting past the fact that I probably had these when I dressed as Minnie Mouse for Halloween (age 5) these are so adorable!  Stick them in your hair for some sweet and innocent style – all for only $2.50.

Sweet, dainty and flirty, this is such a fun look, and at such a steal (only $8.00) how could you pass it up!?  I just bought a pair of cute booties like the ones in the picture and I can’t wait to add some lacy socks for the perfect flirty look for fall.  But I’m not quite done. If you like stripes, try this.

This little beauty might be my favorite in the bunch. Key Reason: It comes in Ivory, Black, Soft Pink, Pastel Aqua, and it’s 2 for $20.  Is it Christmas?! Nah, just our lucky day.

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The Post-Grad Journey: I Quit!
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