The Bachelor Pad: And So It Begins

Let me start by saying, The Bachelor Pad is my new favorite show on television.  If you watched the premiere last night, you know what I’m talking about.  It’s like The Bachelor on steroids – more drama, more hook-ups, more booze…basically amazing.

I was barely absorbing one of Elizabeth’s crazy threats before she was off and dishing out another.  My eyes couldn’t get enough of Jesse B.’s gorgeous bod.  Was Weatherman actually funny on a few occasions!?  I love it all!

While I’m still processing most of the finer plot points (and accepting Chris Harrison’s new casual attire), I’ve selected my favorite, most anticipated duos of the season:

Kiptyn and Tenley
We already know it’s going to happen, but come on – are they not the most family friendly couple of all time?  He’s a serial volunteer and she’s a real-life, rainbow-sh*tting Disney character.  I’m dying to see if these two progress beyond G-Rated hand holding.

Weatherman and Craig
Will these two ever kiss and make up?  Craig pretty much proved that he’s even more insecure and awkward than his cumulus cloud-loving counterpart.  Something makes me think that Weatherman is going into this show having an upper hand with the ladies.  Maybe he’ll finally get his first kiss!

Craig and Elizabeth
Elizabeth just wants Craig to guard and protect her heart win her over.  I’m placing my bet right now for the most over-used phrase of the season.  So long as Crazy Elizabeth and Craig are both on the show, she’ll be begging him to win her sorry butt over.  She’s a total nutcase!

Wes and Gia
Another rumor I’m afraid will be proven true.  I love Gia.  Like love, love, love her.  And Wes…gross!  I guess he’s kinda sorta less of a jerk on The BP…and at least homeboy didn’t bring along his guitar.  Gia, I’m trusting your gut here.  (Can you tell I’m trying to look on the bright side?  Someone help me like this guy, please.)

Gwen and her plastic surgeon
Hey, someone had to say it.

Bonus: Most Anticipated Threeway…

Elizabeth and Jesse K. and Elizabeth’s psychologist
How many of you guys tuned in and became obsessed with this instant-classic?  (And by “instant classic” I mean the biggest hot-mess that has ever aired over your TV.)  Shout out and let me know what you’re most excited for – be it the inevitable breakdowns, the beer tears, or the claws out catfights.  I, for one, cannot wait for next week’s episode.  Until then, weigh in below!

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